Thursday, January 8, 2015

2k: Snow Deal: 1967 Volvo 122S Amazon Coupe

Great deals for classic cars in the old days were hard to find.  In the old days you could drive around the back roads looking for a home made for sale sign, or maybe scour the local classifieds first thing in the morning -- on the lookout for something new.  Things changed with the advent of the internet and craigslist/eBay circa 2000 was filled with great deals...but things changed, flippers and two-bit dealers figured out a way to make a few easy bucks.  Nowadays, you need to be all over your local craigslist if you live in a big urban area because all kinds of folks make decent side cash trolling craigslist for quick flips.  On the other hand, out in the boonies you've got sellers who don't want to deal with out of towners (and them furriners), money transfers, and shipping companies -- but you still need to be quick and bring cash if you want to score the deal of the week.  Find this 1967 Volvo 122S Amazon Coupe offered here on craigslist for $2,000, located in Sandpoint, ID. 

 The Volvo Amazon (called the 120 series outside of Sweden) was the more practical, more upright but still cool older sibling of the P1800 sporty car, to which it donated its engine, transmission, and suspension optionsThe Amazon (originally Amason) was designed all the way back in the early 50's, started rolling out of the factory in 1956, and in typical Volvo stubborn fashion it soldiered on all the way through 1970 with very few changes.

 This Amazon is described as having a good running B18 inline-4 mated to a M41 4-speed manual gearbox with electronic overdrive.  On the plus side, the car sports IPD springs, sway bars, and new bushings; but it is missing its carpet (better to look for rust?) and has some signs of patching rust on the passenger side.

 See a better deal on a cosmetically challenged but mechanically nice classic?


  1. Looks like it's in Spokane. A great easy harmless price and easy for a DD.
    The overdrive, suspension upgrades and tires are a great plus. If it was near me it would be mine.

  2. not an "electronic overdrive". It is a hydraulic and mechanical overdrive. The only thing electric about it is a Rube Goldbergish actuating mechanism which involves a solenoid moving a mechanical lever.

    for $2000 looks like a steal


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