Saturday, January 17, 2015

10k: Crew Cut Crew Cab: 1969 Dodge W-200 Power Wagon Ex-Air Force

 The Dodge Power Wagon was introduced just after the end of World War II as an alternative to the military Ford 4x4 trucks, and was the first military style 4x4 to be sold directly to the public.  The military continued using the Power Wagon for many years in support roles and a used ex-service vehicle has a great street presence. This particular W-200 started life as a 3/4 ton crew cab 4x4 pickup in service with the US Air Force in 1969, find it here on eBay, currently bidding for $7,750 with a few hours to go.

The story from the seller is that this car was decommissioned from the military and then driven by the previous owner starting in the 1990s until the engine gave up.  The current seller purchased the car and gave it a new engine, new paint, and a bunch of new parts.  The Air Force lettering on the side was recreated with a custom designed stencil to match the original font and spacing.

This W-200 is powered by a  225 cubic inch PT225T inline-6, which according to the seller is the boss truck version that includes shot-peened rods, sodium filled valves and a slightly different grind on the cam. It all sounds rugged and manly, and the engine should be good for something in the 200ish horsepower range.

See a cooler old crew cab pickup for less?


  1. This truck is for sale again in Lake Oconee, GA. They're asking $12K obo. 706-201-4120. Don't know any other details - just saw it on my way to work.

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