Tuesday, December 30, 2014

5k: Sunbimmer: 1967 Sunbeam Alpine Project with BMW M3 Power

I knew this would happen soon.  The E36 prices have gotten so low they are now being scrapped for their sweet inline-6 engines...it was only a matter of time.  E36 M3s have been donating their engines to other BMW product for years (that is fairly common) but now they are starting to pop up in all kinds of Datsuns and now...for the first time...in a Sunbeam.  Find this 1967 Sunbeam Alpine project with BMW M3 power offered here on craigslist for $7,300 in Rancho Cordova, CA.  Tip from an anonymous commenter.

Where to begin?  This car is a complete disaster, and an incredible beast all in one red package.  The BMW S52 inline-6 has been goosed up to 300 horsepower, but it isn't installed in the car just yet.  It sits over a modified Mazda MX-5 Miata front suspension, also not installed in the car.

If all the parts are here, this could be an incredible find for a father/son project, or a high school autoshop with a small budget...but the wrenching hours are going to be significant.  Fortunately, the final product will be worth something on the open market because the Tiger clone Alpines can pick up big money. 

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  1. Thanks for posting this project. I never thought about using a Miata front suspension on my 1800ES project. That might be the ticket instead of the Mustang II suspension. I am sure the Miata geometry is much more advanced.

    Now about this Alpine project... It looks rust free, but pricey for a project that was not thought through. The engine is way too long for this chassis and it's a boat anchor. The Miata front suspension is a great idea but you will need to follow through with setting up something equally awesome for the rear end.
    This project is really at square one and you are not gaining much in the way of POM. Now at $3500 it has value if you sell the BMW bits.

  2. Well, if the BMW-Z-car was the Axis equivalent of a Sunbeam Tiger. then I guess this represents what might have happened if Germany had won the war ( Basil: Don't mention the war! ).

  3. Should have put the Miata motor in as well. Series 1 Tigers had 164 hp and the 2 liter Miata motor has 160 hp.

  4. This car could be epic. I wish I had an extra $7,000 + $10,000 to finish it. And probably another $6,000 for someone to fix all the mistakes I made.

  5. All I see here are a bunch of parts that are set near each other held together with a story. Worth a small fraction of the asking sadly.

  6. 'Somebody's gotta go back and get a s**tload of E36 floorpan'

    - Taggart (Slim Pickens), 'Blazing Saddles'


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