Thursday, December 4, 2014

15k: Rat Pack Ready: 1969 Lincoln Continental Mk III Hardtop

If you want to convince your friends at the next high school reunion that you have joined the mafia, there is no better car than the Mk III Lincoln Continental 2-door hardtop.  The Conti coupe is a big classic design that drips with vintage style and isn't the slightest bit practical.  It shuns the vibe of the modern day hipster (the shaggy 28 year old who drives a VW Bus, Porsche 912, or Volvo Laplander) and instead hits an old school Sinatra, Dean, & Davis Jr vibe that you can't find on youtube/facebook/instagram today.  Find this 1969 Lincoln Continental Mk II Hardtop here on eBay currently bidding for $15,100 with less than 24 hrs to go, located in Boise, ID.

This particular example is about as clean as they come -- the odometer reads 32k miles and it looks like it hasn't rolled to check any documentation (old receipts make for a nice paper trail).   The exterior is factory original A-code black with a matching vinyl top and parchment white on the interior.
Gaze upon the magnificent hood that could be used as a landing surface for an F-4 Phantom.  A road trip in this thing is what the US interstate highway system was built for -- not the other way around.  Legend has it that the Mark III was created when FoMoCo's president Lee Iacocca directed Design VP, Gene Bordinat, to put a Rolls Royce grille on a Thunderbird.  The Conti shares most of its mechanical parts with the 4th generation 4-door Thunderbird.
The C-pillar on this hardtop makes Matthew McConaughey (and his stingray shaped Lincolns) its bitch.   It almost looks like a hot rodder got a hold of a stock example and chopped the roof.
Power comes from an A-code Ford 460 cubic inch V8 fed via a 4-bbl carburetor, good for 365 horsepower and 500 ft-lbs of torque (SAE gross).  The seller states that everything runs great, the AC has been recently recharged, and this thing is ready for the open highway.  All you need is some Dean Martin on the 8-track and a few hundred dollars for gas.
Even the interior puts a grin on your face, and the crazy overstuffed seats and (faux?) wood veneer on the dash checks the obligatory boxes in the personal luxury coupe checklist. 
See a cooler luxury barge from the 60s?


  1. God these things are beautiful. Amazing for road trip with long straight lines and beautiful vistas. One of these days I will own a Mark III, IV or even V, and restoring a Pucci edition (I'm a huge fan of avant garde fashion) with a wrap using a Pucci design and a nicer, more Pucci interior.

    On a more serious note, however, does anyone know anything about these things? I can only imagine that finding parts for them would be a nightmare. Are there any easy engine swaps for any of the old Marks that would make them more current/survivable?

  2. Very nicely detailed, maybe over detailed. It appears the underside has been sprayed with something. That is such a turn off to me. I really like these cars, but if I were inspecting it and found the underside sprayed, no deal.

  3. When these came out, I was a 15 year old, just discovering the wonderful world of cars. I thought these things were the most elegant car I had ever seen. Up where I lived, we did not see high-end cars like this, so I wrote to Ford for a brochure. I might even still have that somewhere.

    Regarding this supposedly-almost-original survivor, if it is a 1969, where are the headrests? Headrests were THE big universal safely requirement of that model year. Unless those seats qualify for the high-back exemption, but they don't look like it.

  4. Anyone have experience with this seller? They seem to come up with a fair number of clean-looking 50's thru 80's cars, mainly American. Interested in Jimmy's comment about "over-detailed" and something sprayed on the underside. Anyone inspected this or another in person to see how accurate the representation is?

  5. eccentric_hundredaireDecember 4, 2014 at 4:49 PM

    Drive this and you'll never have to threaten anyone ever again. They will simply know that anyone who crosses you rides in the trunk on the way to sleeping with the fishes. And I mean that in the best possible way.


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