Tuesday, December 9, 2014

10k: Hot Rod: 1984 Chevrolet Caprice

The third generation Chevrolet Caprice Classic was introduced in 1977 as a lighter and leaner version of the previous full sized Chevy sedan.  The reduction in weight was in response to fuel economy concerns but it brought with it a better vehicle the dynamic sense, not that much could be worse than a 70s era full-sized Chevrolet.  This next feature isn't your average Caprice, however, since it has been heavily modified.  Find this 1984 Chevrolet Caprice here on eBay currently bidding for $11,500 starting bid with a $14,250 buy-it-now, located in Weatherford, TX with a few hours to go.  Tip from Chris B.

The Chevy Caprice isn't a particularly collectable automobile, and frankly most that have had any money put into them are turned into some kind of heinous looking "donk" and the stock ones are going to be boring (at best!) to drive.  This Caprice however, has been given a complete power/suspension/brakes/wheels makeover while keeping the original paint/chrome intact. 

Power in this modified Caprice comes from a 383 cubic inch stroker V8 that has built internals, AFR cylinder heads and a whole bunch of bolt ons.  Everything fits nicely under a stock style air cleaner and you might miss the insanity if you blink. 

The seller has installed a GT Grant steering wheel and some kind of aftermarket gauges, but left the plush Elmo hide seats/carpet/door-cards alone.  The transmission is a built 4L60E auto that is built for going fast in a straight line.

See a faster 4-door with vinyl top? tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. Pretty surprised about the price. I think it would take a very unique person to buy this. A strange mix of performance, extra doors, and velour.

    1. It's basically a caprice classic the motors and chassis and drivetrain are bullet proof,lots of power and room the choice of law enforcement and govt as vehicles they have a reputation As square but are anything but

  2. Come for the red brake calipers, stay for the velour. I can smell the interior from here. For $6k, I'm in. At $15k, there are better options.

  3. For some reason I really want this thing... IRS would be a welcome upgrade. But it seems to have everything I would do to a boat other than that. Plus is clean and original looking on the outside and in.

  4. I spent many many hours in one of these while my parents did everything from holiday visits in blizzards where the only indication that there was a road was a smooth gap of snow between trees to offroading in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Offroading unsuccessfully in one particular instance where we had to walk about 12 miles back to our hotel. That velvet interior is just as amazing as cuddling some freshly washed beavers. Cavernous space (when you're 8 anyway). I would buy this in a heartbeat, but that is indeed a bit steep.


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