Saturday, December 13, 2014

10k: Fast Flipping: 1973 Toyota Celica ST

This next feature is the only thing that flips faster than a Reliant Robin.  It may be listed as "one owner" by the current seller, but its been through two different middle men and when the electrons hit the block, it'll be on its fourth.  In the course of a week its gone from little old lady maintained classic to just another aging classic.  I wouldn't pay a premium for that...would you?  Find this 1973 Toyota Celica ST offered here on eBay located in Oregon City, Oregon.
This Celica was purchased new in 1973 and driven regularly through about 1983.  Then it sat for a few years and then brought back into action in the late 1990s.  The original buyer passed away in May of 2014 (she was 78) and the car sat until Nov 9th when it was sold as part of the Estate. The new buyer sold it to the current seller on Nov 12th and now (a month later) he is flipping it to the next guy.  What is wrong with these people? Doesn't anybody like to actually drive/own cool old lady owned cars?  Or is everybody some kind of ruthless capitalist junker baron who'd just as soon sell his mother into slavery and take the bus.  Get a job people, a real job and let some poor college dropout pickup these cars for cheap and enjoy them. 

This '73 ST is powered by Toyota's 2.0-liter 18R inline-4 which is good for 105 horsepower and 107 ft-lbs of torque.  Power goes to a 4-speed manual gearbox and to the rear wheels for a proper driving experience.  This car might need some sorting from sitting before it is ready for your daily commute, but it should provide many years of fun.  But...the price is nuts.  This is an original example, but you can probably pick up tastefully upgraded versions with newer wear components for much less.  Is this old lady flipped example really worth a premium?

See another Celica ST for less?


  1. Why are all the quirky Japanese cars in Oregon?

    Never-mind, I answered my own question. "Portland, the city where young people go to retire."

  2. These were not particularly good cars, but pretty much anything halfway attractive, pre-smog, and without rust holes bigger than an iPhone is worth some money these days, and this one is at least de-bumperable.

    Get those Capris while they're still affordable.

    Anyone seen a decent Austin Marina lately? No, neither have I.

    I've mused over the idea of a Triumph Dolomite as a good home for a Saab B234T motor. Wouldn't have to start off as a Sprint, but it would need to be LHD. And it's probably easier to find one than an Austin Marina.

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  4. Dear Daily... You obviously don't do your homework. The documentation is correct as a one owner (The tittle has never been issued to anyone else since new). The documentation that was in the ad that you obviously did not spend time to read as you clearly would have seen it listed thousands spent to make the car road worthy prior to the sale but you were to quick to cut and past only the pictures and not the details. You wanted your own version apparently and come across a little but hurt about the selling price going as far as to ask a question if the car is really worth this premium. Again you failed to look at the details of the auction and see there are multiple people fighting to get their hands on it. You cant even get the simple facts correct like how many horsepower an 18rc has and overstate that as some sort of fact as if you had done some homework for some reason. (Its 97 HP by the way at 5500 RPM) It is about time these cars gain the fame and value as such icons of the era like the Datsun 510's and 240's, RX2 and 3's and VW notchbacks and 15 window busses. Spend less time on the Nintendo Playstation and try to get more into the details of the blog you are creating.

    1. A mistake of fact (if any) re horsepower on a 40+ year old car is one thing. But a car sold three times in less than a year is going to sound like flipping to most of us, and no amount of hair-splitting re the name on the "tittle" will unflip it.

      We have seen more than our share of "resale red" paint work and other sad indelicacies. Take care of urgent needs, but otherwise leave it unmolested, give it a simple cleanup, be straight-up with the story, and make a fair profit, and no one here or on any other enthusiast site will ever grumble.

    2. I thought Sony made the Playstation...?

  5. Hey... You did some research! You are correct Sony does make the Playstation... I like the site! 2 thumbs up

  6. Hey... You did some research! You are correct Sony does make the Playstation... I like the site! 2 thumbs up


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