Wednesday, November 5, 2014

5k: Vortec V8 Powered: 1966 Volkswagen Beetle Apocalypse Rover

This next tip comes from JAS who writes:
Dear DT,  No, this is not your usual 1966 VW. This is for any survivalist out there who will need to ''bug' out in a hurry at the next zombie apocalypse (or 2016, when Hillary Clinton is elected president). It seems to have everything necessary for Arizona except the beer cooler and the rifle racks. Just a quick swing in to Walmart and it will be ready to go.  --JAS
Find this 1966 Volkswagen Beetle Apocalypse Rover currently bidding for $2,050 on, auction ends Friday at noon MST (Arizona don't need no stinkin' daylight savings - the days here are long enough already -JAS).

A standard VW Beetle is a great bug-out vehicle because it will be easy on fuel, simple to repair and ignored by most folks, but forget getting away from running zombies (hey, it could happen) or Mad Max style feral kids.  I'd recommend building a detachable front brush/bull guard, maybe something that could support a snow-plow, because if you hit anything at speed with one of those exposed front wheels and you'll snap a control arm or tie-rod and zombies will be picking little pieces of you out of their teeth for days.  You'll need to know more than a little bit of kung-fu to stop your brain from being their kung pao. 

To really put some distance between yourself and the angry masses, you'll need something with some oomph -- like this 5.3 liter L33 all-alloy V8 that should be good for around 310 horsepower stock (much more with a few simple mods) .  It is mounted out back, so that zombies arms won't get wrapped up in the serpentine belt.  Goose the throttle with any amount of traction and you'll need clear floorboards to see where you are going.  Wheeee!!

The inside is pretty spartan, but its got all the things you need to survive a zombie attack, including canvas "Jeep" style doors.  Good thing zombies don't know how to use door latches, because it probably doesn't have door locks. 

See a better car that would look fantastic with a 50cal machine gun mounted on the roof?


  1. "...packs of stray dogs that control most of the major cities in North America..."

  2. Non-matching spare? Pass...

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  4. This is R.J. Hatfield commenting. That non-matching spare could save your life in a S.H.T.F. scenario. This was a great build and I see the vision and effort that went into designing and building it. Great Job!!!?! Love it!!!

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