Monday, November 24, 2014

15k: SR20DET Powered: 1971 Datsun 510 Restomod

Picking up a classic Datsun 510 is a great way to get into vintage Japanese steel because it offers a combination of style, sportiness and usability that was unmatched by anything from the land of the rising sun for many years.  Shoehorn a later Datsun/Nissan powerplant into the front and now you've got serious recipe for a collectible restomod.  Find this 1971 Datsun 510 SR20 powered restomod here on eBay, located in Oceanside, CA bidding for $15,200 reserve-not-met with a few hours to go.

Not sure if I would have picked a vandalized wall to take a photo of my Japanese classic for sale, but de gustibus non est disputandum, I guess.  The car does look nice in the photos, the paint ("new" according to the seller) seems to look okay in the photos and the seller seems to be affiliated with SOS Upholstery in Oceanside, so the interior should be nice too.

The original carburetor fed 4-banger has been tossed aside for a built SR20DET.  The turbocharged and intercooled Nissan engine is clearly modified and the seller claims it is good for 400 horsepower (and capable of 600 hp) - a raging amount of power for the 2000 lb Datsun.

The interior looks like it has been redone by the current owner and it looks great, with the exception of the roll cage.  I really hate to be one of those people, but unless you are going to strap in with a 5-pt harness and wear a helmet each/every time you drive this thing, a cage is a horrible idea.  Those thick metal tubes, particularly the one near your head, will become very dangerous in even the smallest crash. 

The seller includes a few youtube videos in his advertisement and you can find more with a quick search, like this walk around.  The car looks seriously quick.

See another classic fast boxy sedan for sale? Send it here:


  1. I hate it when they rev a motor to redline without a load .
    Wish this was in my garage...

  2. I know less than nothing about these but I do have a passable knowledge of physics and I wonder how usable that power is in such a small, road-going car. Super-cool, regardless.

    1. This could be a truly wonderful car, but I'm not convinced a heavily built SR20DET makes it a better car than one making ~300HP or even a well-set-up unboosted SR20DE.

      I've got the bits of two powertrains coming together for twin examples of a car slightly smaller than the 510, one is a normally-aspirated 250HP and one could easily make 325HP boosted, but I have no intention of going any further than that.

  3. That's not vandalism, that's graffiti - learn the difference.


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