Saturday, November 8, 2014

10k: Super Swap Saturday: 1977 MG MGB Rover V8

Welcome to a Daily Turismo special edition that will henceforth be named Super Swap Saturday.  Our original Super Swap Saturday plans involved going to a local swap meet and seeing if we could swap a few old Mustang parts for some less old Saab parts, but that just didn't seem like much fun for our readers (Hunsbloger said: Dumbest idea since Freegan Fiat Friday), so we changed it to a day of nothing but engine swapped rides (Hunsbloger again: Best idea since Murdered Mopar Monday).  First up is this 1977 MG MGB Rover V8 currently bidding for $7,500 reserve-not-met with 4 days to go, located in Hilton Head Island, SC.

Normally I'd say rubber bumper MGB - eeck, get a rope, but with this car I'm gonna say I wanna tow it home, where do I hook up the rope?  DT's own CFlo says: Normally I hate the later rubber-bumpered MGB front ends, but for some reason this one looks bad ass. Maybe it's the lowered stance, or the air dam with fog lights. But it looks like Hannibal Lecter or Bane from Batman.  There is an excellent chance that an MGB once tried to eat CFlo. 

My grandma, what big teeth you have!  The better to lay wide stripes of black on the pavement with, my dear.  This '77 MGB has had its original smog suffocated inline-4 tossed into a scrap heap and it is now powered by the infamous (Oh, Dusty. IN-famous means more than famous!) 215 cubic inch (3.5 liter) Rover V8. 

The seller states that the restoration/modification took places about 10 years ago, but it looks like the resto work has aged well, just be sure to check parts for fitment and attention to detail.  A well  restored car will still look good 10 years later, a cheap job won't.

See another engine swap candidate for Super Swap Saturday?


  1. You know these look pretty mean sans grille with just a metal bumper

    This seems like a good deal on a pretty straight car. I'd be very interest if I didn't already have a swapped B. Mazda 12a for those interested.

  2. Looks like a nicely done conversion. Sadly, it seems to have period-correct electrical connections, so future adventures are guaranteed (live in fear of cool damp mornings!)

    I wonder how the rubber bumpers would look if they were painted to match the body? Anyone out there who is handy with Photoshop?

    1. The MG RV8 should give you some idea

  3. How do you get that to pass smog? Here in Socal, all 1976 and newer have to pass visual inspection and computer monitered emission standards.

    1. I guess it depends where you live. In my province, E-testing cuts off at 1988, and hot rods are tested against the standards for the year of the motor, not the chassis. Different strokes...

  4. If this was mine, I wouldn't make the V8 reference on my license plate, and I'd remove the V8 sticker. Let the car speak for itself.


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