Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mid Week Match-Up: Snow Bound

It is Wednesday already, so that means time for another Mid Week Match-Up (TM)! As mid October comes upon us, the realities of the snow fall in states that end with akota become clear in many folk's minds.  Soon, garages will be locked up as classics are kept away from the salt and destructive elements, but perhaps a few owners find themselves short a garage spot.  Is this the time to cut a deal?  Find us the best snow state cars for export (and resale?) in sunny climates to the South, East or West under $10k.

With the end of convertible season quickly approaching this 1974 Triumph Spitfire offered for $5,500 in Boise, ID should be ripe for picking.  The repaint in French Blue looks well done and could have easily cost the asking price in this beauty. Right before the first major winter storm, hit the seller with a low ball offer and send this car to a coast for a healthy profit.

What would you buy? Comments below.


  1. Not peanuts, but the ready availability of 6-speed 3S-GE BEAMS blacktop powertrains from JDM Toyota Altezzas is why God invented the container ship:

    Not really snow country but I see this thing going down the road with a 302 under the hood and rolling on a set of Minilites. Three hours to go! Solve your daily driver problem now!

    Better than this one, and frankly I prefer the four-door anyway:

    Not my affliction:

    Vehicle titled as a 1977? Oh Lord, why?

    37 watchers, take thyself over to the HAMB to see what these are about:

    Crappy cars, but a certain style, you can probably find one buildable for less:

    That's gonna be it for now.

    1. Someone grab that four-door Maverick!

      Freshened junkyard 96-99 Explorer V8, a T5, some early Mustang suspension bits, a Borgeson steering box and some MustangSteve disc brake brackets and you've got a nice piece of hardware for...okay, well, by the time you get everything done and get the driveshaft and the exhaust and everything else you've spent $10K or so and you'll want better seats and a steering wheel, but still....

    2. Love me some 4-door maverick. It is like a glimpse into an alternate dimension full of 4-door Mustangs.

  2. figured i'd find a nice older saab in vermont - how about this 85 top of the line 933m (900 + turbo + 3door + leather + manual), one owner, recently rebuilt trans - stored since 2001 - 140k miles - $6000

    1. although i suppose that would have been a snow-mobile - how about this 85 shelby charger, 57k miles, "never seen winter" - $3000

    2. $3000? Take off a zero. Or two.

    3. or this 75 dart - "showroom" 69k miles - "stored every winter" - $7300 - nice photos

    4. okay,. though I'm fonder of the Aspen/Volare that more or less replaced it.

      But...given what I saw of the paint quality and rust on Darts, Aspens, and the rest of the Mopar line on the dealer lot in the 1970s I'm amazed any of them has survived this long. I need to see if the ad has a picture of the vacuum bag it's been stored in.

    5. Here it is. The final answer.

      A Volare wagon.

      Not exactly pristine, but a few mods, some even seem to be halfway decently thought out.

  3. Alfa Romeo 164 QV in Eastern Washington (Richland, somewhat snow-y and cold). Very few QV's were imported and sold in the US before Alfa exited in 1995.

    1. Quattrovalvole, or whatever...price of admission's not bad, and it's not a bad car* but it'll kill you at the popcorn stand...

      * - that thing's called an 'asterisk' and it really means "we really didn't mean what we just said", in this case the gotcha is that it's a nice car - for a big open-diff FWD sedan.

    2. QV is actually Quadrifoglio Verde (green 4 leaf clover) in this case. Just reving that Busso V-6 to redline is worth the price of admission...

    3. The Taurus SHO Yamamotor revs every bit as nicely if not more so, and you can have one for peanuts.

      Of course, you need to shop carefully as to the condition of the vehicle...

  4. Nice 54 Lincoln Capri for $5500 in Troy MT.

  5. Lets see here - a bit harder to get things home from AK, but here's a smattering of fun to drive / winter projects:
    A coupla Sonnets for $800
    Opel Manta Luxus for $500
    Benz SLC 5.0 Homologation Special $8500
    '70 Saab 99 - been listed a while

  6. You know, we have enough trouble up here in the snow/rust belt keeping our toys in acceptable condition. How about you folks in sunnier climes resist the urge to spend autumn pillaging what little we have left?

    Not that I am bitter or jealous, nope not one little bit.... well, OK, maybe just one little bit.


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