Friday, October 10, 2014

DT COW: Commenter Of The Week

Welcome to another edition of DT's coveted, despised, sporadic and always gluten free Commenter of the Week (COW!) award.  Recently, the comments have been so good that to pick a COW award would be to disparage the rest of the comments, but in the past week there has been one commenter who has knocked it out of the park...many times.  You all know who we are talking about...and this week we are giving away an actual physical prize...but don't worry, it is total crap and for tax purposes you can declare zero dollars.

Congratulations to mrkwong for his constant stream of good advice, comments and suggestions, but I was particularly fond of the following comment on the RX-2 sedan:

These were really, really nice cars, and fast enough to give a 2002tii absolute fits.

The downside, if I recall my friends' experience correctly, was that with the way Mazda set them up and the horrible smog-control technology of the day they got 16mpg if you put an egg between your foot and the gas pedal, and I'm sure the two-hole Italian hydrocarbon urinal on this one doesn't improve that. Apex seal life also sucked back then, of course, and so lots of these things went to an early grave. Shame, engine aside they were second only to the Datsun 510/610 in road behavior and at least as well built.
His prize is this awesome vintage Avon Model A aftershave container that may or may not be full of ancient rotting aftershave.  This item (along with a few others) was acquired by the DT family in what can only be described as a gearhead's version of storage wars...but that is a story for another time. 

Mrkwong, email us your address, an address of a nearby abandoned house, a frenemy's house, a PO box registered to a legal alias or some other way that we can get this awesome piece into your collection here:

Happy commenting and stay tuned as we give away more old garbage from the garage.


  1. Congrats mrkwong, you deserve it!

  2. I'm humbled. Contact info to follow. It'll occupy a prized spot...uh, somewhere.

    I, however, remember what Avon Leather cologne smelled like. It's gonna have to be cleaned out pretty well.


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