Thursday, October 23, 2014

8k: Mean Green Mother from Outer Space: 1995 Audi Ur-S6 Avant

Next time your local theater runs "Little Shop of Horrors" go see it. Or at least rent/stream/legally download the Rick Moranis and Steve Martin 1986 movie version. Between shoe-tapping Broadway showstoppers, a Motown vibe, and a welcomed absence of Tim Burton direction, the cult-ish thriller musical comedy posits a compelling ethical theme. A poor flower shop employee finds a mysterious plant with a penchant for drawing crowds, but has one drawback: It feasts on human flesh. Do you literally pour out blood, sweat, and tears to support a wonderfully green beast? Is it worth the sacrifice? Find this 1995 Audi Ur-S6 Avant in Orlando, FL for $7,500 via craigslist.

The Ur-S6 is the renamed version of the Ur-S4, itself a renamed version of the Audi 100. All-wheel drive, a 5-speed manual, and turbocharged inline-5 finally made Audi competitive with the best from BMW and Mercedes-Benz, and an optional wagon version only makes it more desirable. The seller claims a fully lockable rear differential, but the visible 1995 mid-year changes (sport steering wheel, chrome-ringed gauges) suggest open differentials with Electronic Differential Lock.

This Avant comes with a few upgrades, but after nearly 200,000 miles, you would need some too. Exhaust, springs and struts, 19" Rays revealing beautiful Porsche slotted, studded, and cross-drilled brakes, and more. At least 270 horsepower is a reasonable estimate, although a good tune, new turbo, and additional ducting could net much more if you're greedy.

Rumor has it that these wagons have a fold-down third row of seats. We would go all CSI on the pictures to check for seatbelts or seat latches, but, you know, Craigslist. Seven-passenger or 5-, this is still a lot of performance and cargo capability in a tight, rare German package. Of more concern is its high mileage. The current owner has dumped some great maintenance work into it and even offers compression test results, but don't be surprised if owning this car ends up costing an arm and a leg.

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PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.


  1. Great. Now I can't get that song out of my head.

  2. Not all mid-year changes happened at once. You can see the manual diff lock button in the interior shot, just to the right of the e-brake handle. Looks like this:

    Yes, all S6 Avants have 3rd row seats, but it only works if you're under 4 foot nothing. Besides, the occupants are sitting in the crumple zone and after seeing what happened to my '93 S4 when it was rear ended at 60mph, no one will ever sit back there in my Avant.

  3. The semi-official number of urS6 Avants is ~400. Not quite as rare as a M5 Touring, but there aren't many left in any kid of acceptable condition.

    Double check all the potential electrical gremlins. This one is missing the cover over the ignition modules in the engine shot.


  4. @Anonymous, I guess your "semi-official" number of ~400 units is sort-of correct assuming you consider 106 to be approximately 400:

    This particular car is missing the coil pack cover for two good reasons. 1) It's had the aging and expensive original coil packs (which mount to the underside of the cover in question and cannot be replaced individually) replaced with newer style parts and the cover may not fit, and 2) that cover retains a lot of heat, causing premature failure of the coil packs. I use GM LS1 coil packs on my S6 which mount remotely, allowing use of the original cover once the old coilpacks have been removed.

  5. I love audis, but stay away... My mechanic knows me by name already. I guess he's glad I m paying his children’s education.

  6. This is weird. I'm the new owner of this car. I flew to Florida and drove it back to Arizona. It has cost a few hundred to keep it going strong and it has developed a few boost leaks but so far has been a great car. It has the rear diff locks and the third row seat. its just strange finding my own car on the web while I'm looking for tuning tips for my car.


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