Saturday, October 11, 2014

5k: Ur-Fast: 1993 Audi S4

 The Ur-S4 (Ur short for Ursprünglich or original in German) was the first hot version of an Audi sedan to wear the S4 badge, but it wasn't based on the A4.  Instead it used the Audi 100 platform which was eventually renamed the A6 and the Ur-S4 became the Ur-S6.  It doesn't really matter, but if you want an early 90s German car with some oomph, picking up a Ur-S4/S6 isn't a bad way to go.  Find this 1993 Audi S4 offered for $7,250 buy-it-now offered for in Kansas City, MO with 1 day to go on eBay.

The Ur-S4 uses a 2.2 liter version of Audi's turbocharged 20-valve inline-4 cylinder engine producing 230 horsepower and 258 ft-lbs of torque.  Those power figures aren't huge by today's standards, but they put it squarely on target with the Mercedes-Benz 190 2.5-16 Cosworth or BMW E36 M3.  Only the Audi had standard all-wheel-drive, which helps in hard launches, but slows the car down in the turns due to a fairly hefty 3800 curb weight with a large percent over the front wheels. 

 See a better way to get into a 90s vintage Audi with street cred?


  1. Installed a boost gauge but can't fix or add another temperature gauge? I think that is probably something you fix or not drive the car.
    Sounds like a lot of deferred maintenance issues will be waiting for you upon purchase.
    Winter driven... Think of all the fun you will have wrenching on said deferred maintenance.

    Now for $4.5K wrenching might be OK.

  2. I gave up making snarky comment about the term "Ur" over on that other site (cough cough BaT cough). I was hoping DT was an Ur-free zone.

  3. "Ur." A meme that should go extinct. Also this car is too spendy, but then I'm cheap.

  4. It's actually a 2.2 I5. With the right exhaust they make a lovely noise. These cars are such extraordinary all rounders after you work the bugs out. At 3800lbs you have to swap out the front brakes though, the stockers are hopeless. The chips for these put you right about 280-300hp depending. Generally I'm not into just chipping the boost up beyond the design thresholds of a stock turbo but the stock k24 has a little room at the top. The 034 catalog can make these as bonkers as you want them. Non-car people don't give it a second glance, so you fly under the radar. The engine and trans are solid but you're going to have a never ending small fixes list , as with any old German car. Oh, and the fuel mileage is quite good for a 300 hp car. 27 ish MPG on average.


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