Tuesday, October 7, 2014

5k: Sleeper Status: 1974 Mercury Capri V8

 Yet another Mercury is plastered on the front page of Daily Turismo --what is going on?  The truth is that Mercury may have cost a few more bucks for a luxury themed Ford product when new, but now the relationship is inverted, you get a discount on a classic Mustang if you buy a Cougar.  However, this next Mercury is no ordinary Ford, it is a first generation Capri.  The Capri was a sporty coupe built by Ford of Europe (in Germany) and imported to the USA under the Mercury brand...but...this is no ordinary Capri!  Find this 1974 Mercury Capri V8 currently bidding for $3,550 on eBay with two days to go, located in Chandler, AZ.  

The first thing that comes to mind when you see these under sized and over exposed photos is to move on...but...these sort of horrible advertisements are where you are going to find the best deals.  A professional flipper/seller who takes detailed photos and knows the market won't let his auction get ignored, but the son of the person who built the car who is just trying to clean his garage...that is an entirely different story.

The seller's dad put this '68 Ford 302 small block V8 in the place of the original I4 or V6 engine installed at the factory in Cologne.  The V8 is lightly cammed and should be a considerable improvement in low end oomph even though it is mated to an automatic transmission.

The Capri was built on the Ford Cortina chassis and was an attempt by Ford in Europe to create a small Mustang-like 2+2 for local consumption.  The public reaction wasn't quite as positive as the Mustang in the US, but it did sell in decent numbers and a generation can look back fondly on the Capri as a great starter car for the young hooligan in training.

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  1. If there is a car anywhere that demands a mullet to drive, I think it is this one.

  2. Maybe.

    But these cars were fairly nimble, with handling that belies the mullet-wielding straight-line piloted pony/muscle car. Of course, that's just my Murican-made male pattern baldness talking. I'm just jealous. I can't imagine a manny swap would be too challenging for the motivated hoonigan. Is the 302 significantly heavier than the original motor?

  3. Nice idea, flawed execution.

    A three-speed slushbox?

    A 9in rearend is a pig-heavy piece of hardware for this car, more than a 302 needs and way too much unsprung weight, and for all that it's still wearing 4x4.25 wheels and tires that a baby Windsor of any health would send up in smoke at a twitch of the right foot.

  4. You never know, his Mickey Thompsons could be at home in the garage.

  5. The Old Cologne V^ was a blister to 40 mph in 2nd gear I smoked a bunch of Other Ford mustangs and Chevy Cameros light to light How is that V8 in the 0-60 time?


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