Tuesday, October 7, 2014

500k: Dirty Trackismo: Merritt Speedway

So you purchased some fancy pants newfangled sports car, but every time you get into the throttle you wind up with a traffic ticket or manslaughter charges.  What if, for the price of a 1 brdm fixer upper in Malibu, you could buy an entire racetrack as a vacation home?  It even comes with a water truck, a bucket truck (T-bucket truck?), a road grader (this road sucks, I give it a C-), Jeep pusher vehicle, a '77 Trans-Am Pace Car and an '87 Monte Carlo pace car...plus 80 acres of land.  Find the 3/8th Mile Dirt Track Merritt Speedway offered for $550,000 via RacingJunk.com, located in Lake City, MI.

The Merritt Speedway is a small dirt track located in the middle of nowhere that hosts Saturday night events such as the Wood Tic 100.  It features 9 buildings, 3 restrooms and seating for 4500 (beat that with your fancy optional 3rd row station wagon!!).  This speedway even comes with its own website -- http://www.merrittspeedwaymi.com.

It really doesn't matter if you are looking for a vacation home or a permanent residence in the Lake City (aka Christmas Tree Capital of the midwest, pop 836) area, but this Tony Stewart free dirt track looks like a steal.  What else are  you gonna do with half a million smackeroos?  Buy Marvin Gaye's Rolls?  tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. DT wrote: "What else are you gonna do with half a million smackeroos?"

    Is that a challenge?

  2. I checked realtor.com. In Malibu, for under $550K you can select from: a double-wide; a single-wide; or your pick of four condos, each under 1056 sq ft.

  3. At that price, he wants out of it. I worked at a track here in Alabama that is now closed and the owner always told me that the land was worth more without the track than with. They're fun, but uber expensive to operate.

  4. A week late to this party, but...
    $550,000 might not be a bad deal.

    Looking at the satellite map, there could be room for a drag strip and maybe even a short road course.
    Still looking at the satellite map, there is something very interesting about a half-mile east on the north side of the road that I can't quite identify... I'm thinking cemetary? ...kart-track? ...combination of the two? (Ooo! There's a novel idea, especially for Halloween.)

    And notice the school buses in the lower right of the second picture...
    A small bonus to sweeten the deal a little bit?
    School bus suicide figure-8 racing. Oh yes.

    The quaint lake city of Cadillac is only 20 miles west.. how's that for "cool"? (or ridiculous)
    Other interesting and desirable features include, uh... ummm... meh, forget it.
    There isn't much that compares to Eldora, as far as dirt tracks go, and is a must-see if you are ever in western Ohio during event weekends... if you can figure out how to get there, that is.
    "Turn leff adda nelxt road, go over duh hee-ill, over duh nelxt hee-ill, leff turn, raht turn, den past duh ol' silos, an' over duh nelxt hee-ill, an' boom, ya' cay-ant miss it, pardnerr."
    (That is nearly verbatim to the directions were we given from a kind old gentleman who probably rode his farm tractor to what appeared to be some kind of eccentric, antiquated truck stop we happened to pass. Lesson : stick to the main roads.)


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