Thursday, October 9, 2014

4k: I Have Questions: 1972 Honda Z600, Chevette swap

Looking at this car renders your brain to a full story arc of emotions. It's simultaneously an underdog and an overstatement. It's trolling inception. Imagine seeing this pull up next to you at the drag strip, wincing as the driver begins to rev it, only to hear the piteous clatter of a 1.4-liter Chevette plant. Even at double the output of the original 600cc mill, 53 horsepower doesn't seem like much. But don't worry. It comes with a junked Subaru turbo. Someone is really banking on a buyer with an equally maladjusted view on cars, and a net worth of at least $4k. Find this race-prepped 1972 Honda Z600 with Chevette inline-four swap in Lancaster, PA for $3,950 via craigslist.

Micro car hot rods aren't terribly uncommon, but every sighting is visually jarring. Anything four feet wide shouldn't have half of a roll cage, Goodyear slicks, and a dash-mounted tach. And anything with the aforementioned race prep shouldn't have double-digit horsepower. All that gravel visible through the engine bay is real estate better utilized by cubic inches of iron. Go ahead and let your imagination soar – the wheelie bar out back will keep you grounded.

It puts its "power" down via a 9-inch rear end, which in this version refers to the gap between the rear wheels. Those rolling whiskey barrels make skinnies out of the stock front wheels. A tube frame from the firewall back keep this pint-sized pipsqueak (even compared to a Spark) from pretzeling itself from torque... in the event that any makes its way under the hood.

Autometer gauges promise thrill but deliver nil. With everything else in place for serious horsepower, someone around here better pick their jaw off the floor and pick up a heftier engine. Any suggestions? Anything would be an improvement. Anything.

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PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.


  1. Chevette motor? What, was someone *trying* to build a car for the slowest bracket at their local drag track? Couldn't he find an old Isuzu I-Mark Diesel in the locak junkyard?

    The good news is that there's lots of motors that'd fit in there. But, yeah, this car is going to need a special buyer. The kind who likes barstool racing, maybe.

  2. All that work for a Chevette engine.... It must have been a wild Friday night in the garage when this thing was conceived.

    On the plus side, technically it is a front mid-engine, just like an AC Cobra. I am surprised he missed using that line in the ad.

  3. Narrowed 9" is exactly what it takes to harness those 49 horses.

  4. Now someone on the Eastern Shore of Maryland owns it and has decided he wants to sell it on craigslist for $6,500. I thought it was a joke but this idiot is dead serious.


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