Wednesday, October 8, 2014

3k: Diplomatic Impunity: 1972 Ford Maverick 4-Door

Ford may have never made a 4-door Mustang, but they added an extra set of doors to the Maverick  and built what is possibly the world's only 4-door pony car.  I know that the prevailing opinion on the classic car market is that 4-door cars are almost never valuable, especially if there was a 2-door version of the same car...but this green joker just might be cool enough to change that perception.  Find this 1972 Ford Maverick 4-Door currently bidding for $2,600 on eBay, located in Fremont, OH with about an hour to go.  Tip from mrkwong in the comments of this week's Mid Week Match-Up.

Comments below.


  1. I wish my kids were at that awkward tween age so I could pick them up in front of school in this. Honking, waving, it would be great!

  2. I'm not sure I'd call it a ponycar, but all those small-midsize Fords from the '60 Falcon on up to the last of the Bordinat Granadas in - what - '79? shared a lot of parts, and I think everything but maybe the rear springs that went into a '66 GT350 will go into a Maverick.

    The engine compartment is early-Falcon/Mustang size, so it'll swallow a properly-outfitted 289/302 but nothing bigger.

    Still, all of that makes for a lot of fun if you pick your parts carefully.

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  4. The world has truly spun off its axis when anyone would want a Maverick ...much less a 4 door Maverick.

    1. Actually, you should be glad that the earth has 23 degrees of axial tilt, (also known to astronomers as obliquity) because without it, we would have no seasons. Everywhere around the planet would be like San Diego. Well, that isn't entirely correct. Some places would be miserably burning hot and others would be frozen all the time, but select few seaside villages would be free from the changes of weather and habitable. The lack of frost would create havoc in farming and millions of people would die of famine, but at least you wouldn't have to worry about missing church because you forgot to put your clock forward...

      Oh yeah. That Maverick is boss!!

    2. Um DT, go get help, OK?


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