Wednesday, October 22, 2014

3k: Deal Of The Day: 1972 MG MGB GT

The the world of automobiles that are named with repeating initials, there are few cooler than the MG MGB GT.  It combines the sweet smells of classic British two-seat motoring with a hardtop and set of vestigial rear seats.  They are surprisingly affordable, probably because they are slow and were poorly built by drunks, but they exude the basic charm of an Irish priest.  This next one looks to be a fantastic deal for someone mechanically inclined and willing to take a gamble -- find this 1972 MG MGB GT offered for $3,500 in San Luis Obispo, CA via craigslist.   Tip from Kaibeezy.

San Luis Obispo is a college town (with a well preserved original California Fr Serra mission located in the middle of downtown) that balances precariously between the nose in the air consumerism of So Cal and the nose in the air environmentalism of Nor Cal. It is a beautiful little town set in the foothills of the Diablo Mountain Range and a good place for a hardtop with convertible roots because the weather can by nasty during the winter and afternoons are always windy.  This would be the perfect car for a professor at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, giving him the space for his briefcase in the back but cool enough to keep the Nor Cal and So Cal contingents happy.

Under the hood is a 1.8 liter B-series inline-4 rated at 78 horsepower and 94 ft-lbs of torque.  The engine bay is a total mess, but the engine features an aluminum cylinder head and a modified Weber carburetor.  The only problem with the car is the electronic overdrive portion of the transmission is giving the seller grief. 

The interior is much better shape than you would expect from any $3500 car, even if the steering wheel needs rebuilding. The best part about the MGB is that a multitude of parts (from the transmission to the door handle) are available from various internet sellers like moss motors

 See a better deal on a classic? Send us YOUR TIPS!!  WHY AM I SHOUTING?!?!? TIPS!!!! SEND THEM IN!!!


  1. beige - why does it have to be beige? - throw a stripe on that thing!

    anyhoo, can't see one of these without that Richard Thompson song running through my head - which song? - why, "MGB-GT" of course - click here for video - lyrics follow...

    Oh I've got a little car and she might go far
    She's the mistress of my heart now
    She's a '65 with an overdrive
    And I fixed her in every part now
    Two in the front and two in the back
    110 on the old Hog's Back

    My MGB-GT, she's a runner now
    Oh my MGB-GT, she's a runner now

    Oh I welded the sills and the old floor pan
    Cut the rust with the torch and the hacksaw
    Took the Rostyles off, put the spoked wheels on
    Got a brand new Salisbury axle
    When I come to town the girls all smile
    They say "Here's the man with the retro style"

    My MGB-GT, she's a runner now
    Oh my MGB-GT, she's a runner now

    Lockheed discs and twin SUs
    Original chrome on the grille now
    She looks like a dream in her racing green
    Competition's standing still now
    I sprayed up her body, I strengthened the frame
    I stripped her right down and I built her up again

    Now an Alpine's fine if you've got the time
    And a Healey'll set you back some
    And a TR4 costs a little bit more
    But it don't have the same attraction
    Hard top handy, in case of the weather
    I don't care if it rains forever

    In my MGB-GT, she's a runner now
    In my MGB-GT, she's a runner now
    In my MGB-GT, she's a runner now

  2. For that engine bay, I'll need a vat of Purple Power and an open weekend before I start with everything else. Yikes.

  3. OD and reverse gear are both out.

    Funny, I had this one up most of the day yesterday. There's a beige one with interesting bumpers . on SoCal CL, and a green one as well.

    There's one north of $5k, you guessed it, in beige.

    Always been a fan of the 'B-GT. Still looking for an MGC-GT though. Or an MGB GT V8.

    1. Here's a 'C-GT. At a dealer, and needs (at least) cosmetic work, but doesn't look too bad.


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