Monday, October 13, 2014

2k: Wife Forces Sale: 1986 Audi Coupe GT

A common thing to include when selling a car is a reason for the sale...which seems sort of odd when you step back and consider it.  Do you need to provide a reason for sale when you are selling a home (neighbors are jerks, shallow graves at risk of being dug up by earthworms, ghosts, etc).  If you sell an old Hi-Fi at a garage sale, do you have buyers coming up and asking you why you are selling it?  No, they plop down $20 and walk away with an old piece of junk that you don't need anymore.  The same should be for a car, but for some reason buyers ask and sellers share the reason.  The bigger question is, why are you buying this 1986 Audi GT Coupe offered for $2,500 in Raleigh, NC.  Tip from Rene.

The B2 generation Audi Coupe was an attempt by Audi to offer a cheaper version of its race bred Audi Quattro.  The Coupe is more subtle in appearance than the Quattro, but it still looks like something special when you compare it to the other German cars on the market in 1986.  But, will its marginal reliability and front wheel drive performance leave you wishing for something else?

The Coupe GT is powered by a 2,2 liter inline-5 cylinder Audi engine that puts 134 horsepower into the front wheels via a 5-speed manual gearbox.  The inline-5 is mounted so far forward in the engine bay that the radiator is mounted under that plastic shroud to the right of the engine. 

The Coupe GT offers a decently sporty seating position to the driver which will go some way to make up for the lack of actual sportiness in the driving experience. 

Wait for a Quattro version or just enjoy the lighter weight of the front drive version?


  1. They're trying to avoid the "My mechanic just told me he found ten gear teeth in the lube he drained from the $3500 transaxle" part.

    Or "the number of electrical things that don't work now exceed the number of things that do, and my wife wants another kid, so I have to spend my evenings probing the wife instead of the car's wiring".

    Or "I just spent $5000 tweaking this thing and got blown off by an Accord and I'm just disgusted."

  2. Oh! I just noticed! It's a K-Jet car!

    Then there's "Nobody around here's worked on one of these things in a decade, they sent me to a guy named Yoda, and he said 'do or not do, there is no try' and handed me a bill for a $1500 fuel distributor".

  3. here's a paradox: if you go to look at this car, you're actually *intentionally* asking to hear the sob story about his tiny garage and how his wife just doesn't understand

    weird though - raleigh ain't exactly norcal coast - even an old audi should be able to survive outside there - whereas here it is guaranteed to rust from the top down in our salt fog

  4. 1. Way nicer looking than the Raleigh CL E30 vert I submitted over the weekend. 2. Cars don't rust outside here. They mold.

  5. I may just be the one----left msg.
    had a 81 4000e bt new....

  6. Cars don't rust here they molder.

  7. Fleetwood T. BroughamOctober 14, 2014 at 7:46 AM

    I've lived in Raleigh. Cars don't rust there, they die of boredom.

    1. That is interesting because I've always hear that Raleigh cars are fun to drive.

    2. Fleetwood T. BroughamOctober 14, 2014 at 9:07 AM

      LOL....*rimshot* Tip your waiter! Try the veal! DT will be here all week!

    3. I take it you moved away a looong time ago. The Triangle is a pretty vibrant place if you like tech and higher ed jobs, sports, art, music, food, and a reasonable cost of living....that includes low prices on cars that haven't seen more extreme climates.

    4. Raleigh is Paris, London, and Ibiza rolled into one compared to Charlotte (kill me now)

  8. Fleetwood T. BroughamOctober 14, 2014 at 12:54 PM

    Lived there too dak, and for even longer. Our slogan for the Queen city was "Nice place to live, but I wouldn't want to visit there." LOL

  9. I had a white one of these 15 years ago even then mechanic proof issues of intermittent I refuse to start (for now please try again latter ) take me to the shop and I'll start right up.

  10. I love the "I've never owned an Audi Coupe GT but I'll make sweeping generalizations about them saying they suck" crowd. These are great cars. No, they're not fast but not much from 1986 was. DT: The GT only made 110 horspower. Engine code KX, same as the JT (found in the 4KQ, 115 hp) minus the header. They're light, nimble, fun on back roads, competent on the highway, and look better than most E30s. Plus, they're not an E30 - that alone is worth it's weight in gold.


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