Monday, October 20, 2014

1k: Will Work For Engine: 1987 Porsche 928 S4

 The evolution of the Porsche 928 was very much like the 911 it was designed to supersede.  Each year the 928 got a little faster, a little better, but changes were kept evolutionary instead of revolutionary.  The sleek-in-the-front and bulbous-in-the-rear design was penned by Wolfgang Möbius and was one of the first cars to offer a polyurethane front bumper that could survive US 5 mph impact standards.  In 1987 Porsche introduced the S4 version of the 928, which was more of the same, just faster and a little better looking.  Find this 1987 Porsche 928 S4 currently bidding for $565 with 5 days to go on eBay.

The 928 is one of those cars where you can buy a cheap example that'll cost you lots of money to fix or an expensive version that has already been fixed up.  You really don't save anything when buying a cheap 928, unless you plan on some crazy engine swap...then it makes sense to start with one with a busted engine.

 Many folks have shoved Chevy V8s up front over the years, but I'd suggest doing something nuts, like a turbo rotary or an EcoBoost inline-4.


  1. Replies
    1. Dave -- yes, you are correct, that was a previous cheap used abused 928 I was watching but missed the window to post.
      Vince DT E-i-C

  2. The options of what one could do with this car is awesome. The later body style is just great and I really like the interior as well.

    The window tint permit has to be worth the price alone.

  3. This car is owned by a Hoser !

  4. "Ran when.... blown up".

    And how hard is it to dry the car before taking the photos (or if you don't have a towel, just go have a coffee and wait 15 minutes)?

    1. Yes good point, make sure to get water on the back seat (leaky sunroof?) and down the door panels(leaky door seals?) to make prospective buyers think about rusty floorpans. Call the transmission manual while showing pictures of the automatic shifter. Two things make me think of Joe Dirt: the missing speaker grille on the door panel and actual portion of the Sahara Desert on the air intakes for the engine. I wonder why the engine is blown...not. If all this person is selling is a rolling shell at least take a day to clean it rather than showing a hundred pictures of how dirty everything is. End of

  5. It appears to have been re-trimmed using the upholstery fabric they use on public transport to hide "interesting" stains.


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