Sunday, October 12, 2014

5k: Style Over Substance? 1972 Audi 100LS

The Audi 100 was a handsome coupe sedan from Audi that looked similar to the NSU Ro 80, probably because it was designed by ex-NSU engineer Ludwig Kraus.  The Audi 100 used a front engine, front wheel drive setup, maligned by handling enthusiasts from southern climates, but appreciated by folks who have to deal with regular snow.  Unfortunately if they are driven anywhere near snow, rain or over a puddle they rust instantly, so finding one in nice shape is like finding Amanda Bynes sober on a Sunday afternoon.  Find this 1972 Audi 100LS offered for $7,200 in Denver, CO via craigslist.

At first glance the Audi looks really cool and unique, probably because you never see them on the road, as opposed to Mercedes W108, for instance.  This is because 70s Audi build quality is somewhere between a Saab and a Cuban toaster oven, but that shouldn't dissuade you from owning one. They are the Cuban toaster.

This exact car was featured on the vintage car website back in Nov of 2012 where it was offered for $5,000, so you'd better be sure you know where that additional $2200 of asking price comes from.

See another vintage Audi for less?


  1. I think it is a fantastic looking car. Would have been nice to see the listing on craigslist, but it appears to have been sold already.

  2. The Audi 100 S coupe is indeed a great looking car, but was never sold in North America. Why lead with that, when featured car is a (undeniably) handsome 4 door sedan? Doubt they rusted any worse than comparable cars of the era. Mechanical issues like the inboard brakes were another matter. Here's the coupe:

  3. If you look up the word "unreliable" in the dictionary you will find a picture of this car.

  4. In the top 1 percent of the worst cars ever made. It would be much easier to use and keep a horse for traveling...

  5. The Audi 100 was designed by a small team around Ludwig Kraus in secrecy, largely after hours, as VW was still committed to air cooled rear engine vehicles. Styling was in house for the same reason. In contrast, well-know designer Claus Luthe penned the futuristic NSU Ro 80. For the last 2 years of the Audi 100 production, 1974-1976, the problematic inboard front brakes were moved to the conventional outboard location, and the newly developed SOHC VW replaced the Mercedes designed OHV as the base engine. So a late production 100 with the Dasher-Passat engine should be easier to keep running.

  6. Never liked these hard to keep running not reliable.

  7. My mom had one.
    Her's was Orange, with a black roof.
    That was back in Egypt, bought in the late 70's from Germany & shipped to Egypt.

    To this day, she tells all sorts of tails about 'the Audi' as it's referred to.
    There was the time the shift linkage came out right off in her hand!
    Then, there's the time where the ignition barrel (where you put the key) gave up & they couldn't source a replacement; a button had to be retrofitted to the dashboard to engage the starter motor - the starting procedure was exactly what you'd do to start a modern push-button BMW today, only 30 years ago :)

    By the time I was born (early 80's), the car was in rough shape mainly due to a lack of parts.

    It was sold sometime in the mid-80s for little to nothing, as payment for some work done on our house, if I recall the story correctly.



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