Sunday, October 5, 2014

10k: Matching Pair: 1963 & 1964 Chevrolet Greenbrier Sportswagon

The Chevrolet Greenbrier Sportswagon was introduced in 1961 as part of the air-cooled rear-engined Corvair lineup.  The Greebrier can seat up to 9 people with an optional rear seat, but don't expect to get anywhere quickly once loaded up.  Find these two (1963 & 1964) Chevrolet Greenbrier Sportswagons offered for $8,500 each (or $16,500 for both) located in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

These two Greenbriers have been used for some time as some kind of Church shuttles and feature removable Lebanon First Lutheran Church graphics.   The red/white paint scheme and American Racing torque thrust wheels look great together.

 See another matched set of classics?  His and hers?


  1. These must be what Ralph Nader has been praying for....

  2. Damn that is a cool church.


  3. Removable graphics?! That shit MUST be left on for cruisier-duty

  4. I recall a piece in Automobile Quarterly some years ago, upon the demise of the Corvair. Apparently the Greenbrier was somewhat sought after among GM execs and when it was terminated a few of them put out the word to the dealership chain that they were looking for one.

    1. Is it reasonable to say that the Greenbrier was, effectively, the first domestically produced mini-van. It even pre-dates (and probably inspired) Iacocca's desire for a Ford based mini-van before he was booted over to Chrysler where he was able to approve the K-Car based mini-van. *I'm discounting the Econoline (Falcon passenger van) which was introduced at the same time but was taller and more truck like, just as the A-100 which was still a few years out.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Ah, here we are...AQ Summer 1970. Karl Ludvigsen "Remember The Corvair? Here's A Look At What We Lost", pp.396:

      After 1965 the smooth-riding, pleasant Greenbrier, in which enthusiasts like Barry Brown and Ben Kocivar had installed airline-type seats and hot engines, was dropped from the lineup. Recently the quiet word was passed to Chevy dealers: "Find a clean one if you can. Mr Cole would like one, and so would Mr Roche." Nothing like it GM builds today is as roadable as the Greenbrier.


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