Monday, October 20, 2014

10k: Hot Rodding: 1941 Ford Speedster

The art of automobile customizing is in a sorry state today.  Most so called hot rod shops simply bolt on expensive aftermarket components onto vehicles and call them done.  There was a time when creating a hod rod meant re-purposing components from other cars and if you put a Lincoln Versailles rear end into your Mustang, you were the only one with that setup in your state.  Bring back the glory days of classic hot rodding with this 1941 Ford Speedster offered for $8,900 in Belchertown, MA via craigslist.  Tip from jdah.

According to the seller this thing started life as a pile of parts in the 50s and rides on a 41 Ford frame and uses various other Ford parts.  It looks like an incredible way to experience wind in your hair and bugs in your mouth motoring. 

Power comes from a 1950 Mercury 255 cubic inch Flathead V8 with a Iskederian cam, headers, and cherry bomb mufflers.  It might not be "fast" in the measurable sense of the world, but it will be exhilarating.  

The seats are flimsy folding bucket style pieces sitting inches over the rear axle.  If the old banjo-style rear has been converted to an open driveline, a driveshaft u-joint failure could be fatal. Just be sure your life insurance payments are up to date before exceeding 35 mph in this thing. Unless of course it's still got the original Ford torque tube style driveline, in which case there are no u-joints to fail and the thin driveshaft is encased in a thick steel tube. Carry on...

 See a better way to get into a classic hot rod?


  1. I love this thing. On a fun-per-dollar basis, I bet this beats just about anything out there.

    A few years ago, I had a chance to see The Great Race that came through our city. Of all the cars (and there was a wide range) the ones that looked like the most fun at a very accessible price were the Model A Speedsters . This '41 Speedster hits all the same buttons.

    1. When you wrote The Great Race, I immediately did a quick search for a cheap Hannibal Twin-8 replica. I can't afford the real thing.

  2. Wow, what a build, and such a fun looking vehicle, those Shriner's parade cars have nothing on this puppy !
    Due to lack of weather protection it would be useless here in southern, Ontario for the majority of the time...but if you lived in a sunny clime...well then, let the fun begin.


  3. How is that not sold? History, fun..... There's any number of POS cars out there for more money. You could part it out for more than that (If you did, I'd kick you in the nuts, however.)


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