Wednesday, October 8, 2014

10k: Canned Van: 1977 Dodge Tradesman B200 Panel Van

The first generation Dodge B-series van entered production in 1971 as a full sized workhorse built on what Dodge called a uniframe fully welded platform.  The quasi-unibody Dodge was lighter and stronger with a lower load floor compared to the competition and gave the cab-over Dodge better handling characteristics. It isn't often that you find a low mile and pristine example for sale, but when you do...all the hippies come out of the woodwork shaking fists full of cash.  Find this 1977 Dodge Tradesman B200 Panel Van currently bidding for $10,422 via eBay with 5 days to go, located in Portland, OR.

From watching the bids on this one, you might get the impression that the Tradesman is riding a bit of the VW Bus wave, but this is no ordinary free candy van.  This is a perfectly mint clean van that will attract aging van hippies like moths to a flame.  Keep the van locked unless you enjoy chasing bearded men who smell like urine out of it each morning.

This Van is powered by a 318 cubic inch V8 good for around 150 horsepower and mounted under the dash between the driver/passenger.  The B-series van was also available with a range topping 440 cubic inch big block in this same year, but this is just the base V8.

The stickers on the back window of the van (which are not in the pictures from when the van was pulled out of its long slumber in a garage) say things like "shaggin wagon" and "it's 4:20 somewhere."  Classy stuff.  Thank the unibody construction and full length reinforcing u-channels for that low and flat load floor.

See another well preserved example of a mundane vehicle?


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  2. Ah, yes...the G50-15 tires on the big slot-mags, the bubble windows, the "Don't laugh, your daughter may be in here" bumper sticker...

    You can relive 1974, all you need is fifteen grand and a whole lot of pot.

  3. I'm always happier seeing these things go to someone who really wanted one back in the day, vs. an eBay flipper.

  4. In Portland this is the equivalent to driving a Bentley Continental GT in Santa Monica.
    Serious cred

  5. My 69 Dart 318 was 230 hp so they smogged it down a ton.

  6. Chrysler was still using Desoto and Fargo on the chassis plates in 1977?
    I thought Fargo was discontinued in 1971 and desoto ten years before that. Did Chrysler have a 20 year supply of chassis plates?


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