Saturday, October 18, 2014

10k: Bitter Sweet: 1982 Bitter SC

The Bitter SC (1979-1989) was a coach built German luxury grand tourer that used the Opel Senator chassis for its moving parts.  In 1979 it may have closely resembled a Ferrari 400i, but it was a closer competitor to Porsche's recently released 928 or a BMW 6-series.  Today the Bitter SC is traded for something in the $5-$15k range depending on condition and this one looks decent.  Find this 1982 Bitter SC currently bidding for $7,500 with 2 days to go located in Portland, OR via eBay.

Former race car driver turned entrepreneur Erich Bitter started his own car company in 1971 using the old formula of building a sexy body on a cheap donor chassis.  The only problem with the formula was that it was...well...old....and consumers (particularly the kind of people who had 54 large to drop on a sports coupe in 1982) did not appreciate the ruse.  Regardless, today the idea of a cheap look-a-like Ferrari with Opel sized repair bills that isn't some kludged-together kit car sounds quite appealing.

Power for the poor man's Ferrari comes from a 3.9 liter Opel sourced inline-6 that was good for 207 horsepower.  It won't thrill you like a Ferrari V-12, but it should start most of the time and be serviceable for the DIY mechanic.  Bitter made an arrangement to sell the Bitter at Buick dealers in the US market, so if you don't want to do your own work, you could drive down to the nearest Buick service shop and drop it off.

We did some digging around the interweb and found that this exact car (VIN W09526219CSB) was for sale on in Oct of 2013 in Chicago.  This conflicts directly with the dealer in Oregon who states: The 80+ year old seller of this car has provided a description in his own words:     The car was purchased from a private party in 2003 with 34,672 miles and the odometer now shows 36,051 miles.
Is the dealer trying to gloss over his ownership of the car, or did it not sell a year ago and is this the same seller but in a different city? 

See a better way to drive an eyebrow raising classic that will keep your pocketbook full and the neighbors guessing?


  1. The third photo down in the eBay listing (head on at the front of the car) is a sight I cannot unsee. Those headlights look like Lego pieces that slot into the grill backboard. Uggh.

  2. Ad reads, "3.0 liter engine", and manufacturer's plate reads, "181 CID", so this is the standard Opel 3.0 liter engine. Towards end of production run, tuner Mantzel supplied 3.9 liter version, rated at 210 PS (HP) DIN, vs. 180 PS from the very oversquare 3.0. Lots more torque from the still oversquare 3.9. Would be a good performer with 5 sp manual.

    Peter N

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  5. gee thistext sounds familiar,

    and it would be neat if i could edit my post when blogger messes up the html

    Bitter late than never I guess

  6. Is it me or if it's really dark and you squint your eyes it kinda looks like a BMW 8 Series? Either way the fact that a 'driver" let those Buick seats past tech inspection is laughable. Puffy but no bolster support. Circa 1988 called and they want there seats back.

  7. So is it possible to swap an LS something or another in there?


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