Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Parts Bin: Saab Soccerball Alloys

Welcome to a new feature from Daily Turismo -- Parts.  It is a horrible name, but it was the best I could do with the budget and resources provided me, perhaps someone in the comments can come up with a better name for DT's new obsession with cheap used junk.  First up in the parts bin (hey, that is a much better name) is this group of Saab Soccerball Alloys offered for $100/set (or $150 with special nuts) in Gig Harbor, WA via craigslist.

Soccerball alloys are a factory Saab 5-lug magnesium alloy 14x5" wheel that were originally sold on the Saab Sonett but fit the 95 and 96 models.  Later, the Saab 99 was given its own set of 4-lug Soccerball alloys and that is what we see here for sale...3 sets of them!

 So many soccerballs....

 Soccerballsplosion!!!!  Thanks to Kaibeezy for the graphics!!


  1. They work nicely on a 99 but if I remember correctly they're 5in wide, about the widest tire you can reasonably run on one is a 185/65-15 (that's what I had on my 99 eons ago), there are a number of choices in that size over at Tire Rack but many fall into the 'rim protector' category so choose carefully.

  2. Does anyone else stare at this and see cycledelic spiral trails and a dinosaur eating a Saab aero?

  3. Call the category "Spare Me".

  4. Re my #3 and #1 favorite wheels ever, the definitive Saab wheel page - jpowell.tripod.com/saab-wheels/ - says:

    SAAB 99 & 900 EMS Soccerball - Standard EMS wheel (15"x5")
    Very strong. Looks like the Sonett wheel, but is 4-hole. Since it's narrow, it's good for ice racing or snow tires for your 900. Factory installed on 99 EMS & 900 EMS up to 1980. There is also a GLE variant that has gold paint instead of black. Factory installed on 99 GLE & 900 GLE up to 1980.

    SAAB 99 Inca - Standard 99 Turbo wheel (15"x5.5")
    Very light, but also very soft. Factory installed on 99 Turbos from 1978 & 900 Turbo 3 doors 1979 & 1980.

    FWIW: #2 Pantera, #4 Isuzu waffle, #5 Alfa/Jaguar pepperpot

  5. The incas are some of the coolest wheels ever. The soccer balls are, well, the balls. I also dig the directionals on the 9000.

  6. Never a big fan of the incas.

    My '81 came with the TRX wheels. Remember those?

    Was it bad judgment that Saab got suckered by Michelin, or good judgment that they gave up on them after one year?

    Got rid of them as soon as I could find something I liked, which proved to be 15x6in Epsilon BBS-style wheels and 205/60-15 Yokohama A008s, which was at the time a pretty exotic combination and a lot more money than I should have been spending.

  7. How about "loose parts" for the category name?
    Although "Loose Parts" is already the name of a pretty funny comic strip.

  8. I am surprised no one suggested "daily partismo"


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