Sunday, September 28, 2014

5k: Ultimate Sleeper: 1961 Mercury Comet S22

The term ultimate sleeper gets tossed around a lot on the interwebs, including at this very website, but today..I swear...this is the ultimate sleeper.  It is the automotive equivalent of having a 357 magnum hidden inside a beanie baby or 5 lbs of C4 disguised as a tub of margarine. It is so sleepy that you might just fall asleep before you get past the pictures and into the description of its fire-breathing powertrain and suspension customization.  STAY AWAKE!!  Find this 1961 Mercury Comet S22 currently bidding for  $2,611 on eBay, located in Aurora, IL with 2 days to go.

This isn't just a Comet with a hopped up engine...we'll get to that later, but first you should know that it has a few things that didn't come from the factory -- including a Mustang II rack-and-pinion front end, disc brakes, and bluetooth stereo.

The story from the seller is that he bought it from a lady who got the car in a divorce/break-up from the hot-rodder that she was living with.  Why a 350 cubic inch Chevrolet V8 from a 70s pickup was chosen is long lost to history, but the level of chrome in the engine bay indicates that it should have enough pickup to smoke the skinny rear tires. 

The red interior is setup for daily driving and uses a Corvette floor mounted shifter for the transmission.  The first generation Comet has that 50s/60s transitional feel to the interior/ergonomics and should be a cool place to do your driving.

See a better set of cat's eye tail lights attached to a classic sleeper?


  1. Interesting driver, there are good and bad MII front end kits and it'd be worth knowing what's in there.

    Someone so desperate to keep it a sleeper that they kept 4 bolt wheels. I wonder if the front end is 4x4.5 (like the car was originally) or 4x4.25 (like Mustang IIs were from the factory)....

  2. Any '61 Comet S-22 is rare as it was their 'sporty' bucket-seat optional upgrade for a very basic economy car, like the Falcon Futura or Corvair Monza in '61. And, yes, an amazing sleeper!

  3. Step 1) buy this car on the cheap
    Step 2) rip out SBC
    Step 3) Install 5.0L Coyote V8
    Step 4)..?...
    Step 5) Profit

    Also, point of order, isn't this just a Comet? As in, not a Mercury Comet, but just a standalone Comet before it got swept under the Mercury rug? I remember reading that it was intended to be an Edsel but by the time it was released, Edsel was no more. So they sold it under the Comet brand name. I was reminded of this because there isn't any Mercury badging on the car above.


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