Thursday, September 11, 2014

5k: So much details! 1995 Nissan Gloria Y32

 We've covered Nissan Gloria Y34 chassis cars in the past, because they were imported in the USA as the Infiniti M45, but the Y32 generation Gloria was never officially imported to the USA.  That doesn't mean you can't get them, but it does mean you need to be sure what you are finding isn't going to run afoul of the trigger happy folks at DHS's Customs and Border Protection.  The seller says this car is 100% legit, but since it isn't 25 years old, it is always best to check and double check the paperwork on a grey market import.  Find this 1995 Nissan Gloria Y32 offered for $7,900 in Manteca, CA.  Tip from FuelTruck.

Taking pictures at a gas station of your car for sales says one of three things.  1) You only remembered that you want to sell your car when filling up, 2) You spend a lot of time at gas stations because you get abysmal fuel economy or 3) Your home and work are such bombed out hell holes that nobody would ever call you if they see them in the background.  Pro tip: Drive to a nice neighborhood and take some pictures of your car in front of some rich folks houses.  New developments are particularly nice because they have oil stain free streets and neutral colored buildings for a pleasing background.

The seller mentions multiple times that the car is smog exempt, which could mean that it is powered by the R28 inline-6 cylinder non-turbo diesel good for about 100 horsepower (also note that it is parked next to a diesel pump).  Unfortunately, mated to the automatic transmission (Y32 Gloria did not have a manual option) performance would be lackluster at best, so with any luck this car is powered by a version of the VG30 V6, which could be anything from 179 hp base model to a 255 horsepower VG30DET turbocharged version.  The lack of an under hood pic (even a nighttime gas station under hood shot would be nice) or any description of the engine leaves us guessing.  READ THE DETAILS So much details!

See another grey market JDM classic worth looking at?


  1. Don't get me wrong, I loved my ex-rural mail carrier RHD XJ Cherokee... but the novelty soon wore off living in a city with gated parking lots, toll booths, fast food joints, drive through ATM/teller/pharmacy/liquor stores etc. Not necessarily a deal breaker, but something to consider if you want to daily drive a RHD car in a LHD country.

  2. Is that glovebox/cupholder deal custom or factory?

  3. Seller says it does have the sweet turbocharged six. Sounds like a nice ride however I'm not sure about the price. Does anybody know the value of these? Seller also told me the smog exemption is due to the car being titled as a 1974. I'm not a CA resident so maybe somebody can explain this ? I'm so glad I live in the beautiful Smokey Mountains in NC in my beautiful laid back county with no emmisions testing. Our state inspection consists of checking lights, tires and depending on where you take it sometimes a visual inspection of cat/exhaust system. I do realize there is a great car culture in CA but I feel for those of you who live there. I'm blessed with roads that folks come from all over the world to ride and drive and couldn't imagine being limited on a build or unable to do a simple engine swap. Hardly seems worth it IMHO.

  4. Steering wheel is on the wrong side. End of discussion.

    As far as our North Carolinny MountainMan's view of his "beautiful laid back county" vs California, how long will it stay like that with no emissions testing program. Have any doubts stand next to ant diesel truck and breathe deeply. And when North Carolina has 19 million people MOVE THERE in a thirty five year period as have done to poor ole Californy, he's gonna WISH they had an emissons program.

    Jess sayin


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