Monday, September 8, 2014

5k: Skylight: 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6

 The Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT (& GTV6 coupe) was a 2-door Giorgetto Giugiaro penned version of the  Giuseppe Scarnati Alfetta Sedan (Type 116).  The GT version went from 4-cylinder power to a standard V6 in 1981 and the name GTV6 has sort of stuck with that coupe body style.  The last GTV6 we featured was offered for $12,500 and folks in the comments called it a crack-pipe price, perhaps they will be nicer to this 1/2 price example?  Find this 1985 Alfa Romeo GTV6 offered for $6,500 in Pomona, CA via craigslist.

This GTV6 has a few interesting details that you can almost make out through the beer goggles style photos.  Squint your eyes and she looks great, but the little details around that "fiberglass" engine window (it is probably plastic or lexan, but the seller says "fiberglass") will make or break this car's value.

Peak through the engine glass cover in the hood and you won't find a supercharged V8 like in a C6 ZR-1 Vett, instead you'll find a 2.5 liter V6.  The Alfa V6 is good for 158 horsepower and 152 ft-lbs of torque.

 See a better way to get into a well balanced Alfa?


  1. Please whatever you do, don't ask why.

    1. Okay, screw it, I will answer the question that should not be asked: Because Alfa's are so reliable that other than gas, there are no maintenance costs. They are also unoriginal and a dime a dozen which means the true enthusiast must customize to prove their allegiance to the brand.

  2. I want to but this and install the engine in the back. This will allow for a jelly fish observation tank in the front. It will be a great hit at the electric daisy carnival.

    1. Well, if you are going to THAT festival, may I suggest a "powered by electric eels" bumper sticker"?


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