Monday, September 15, 2014

5k: RoSpit: 1976 Triumph Spitfire 12A Power

The Triumph Spitfire had a long production lift, starting back in 1962 and then soldiering on with few changes from its Mk1 release in 1962 to the slow and excruciating death in sync with demise of the British auto manufacturing industry in 1980.  The Spitfire's extended production life means that many are offered in various states of neglect, and this means that many appear with awesome engine swaps.  Find this 1976 Triumph Spitfire 12A Power offered for $4,000 in Upper Marlboro, MD via craigslist.

This '76 Spitfire comes from the era of the pointy bumper fangs and even a clean example isn't worth a bunch of money.  Who knows what condition this car was in before its rotary swap, but it doesn't look bad in the provided pics.

Under the forward hinged hood is a Mazda 12A rotary engine, displacing 1.1 liters, fed via a carburetor and rated at something around 100 horsepower.  It will be a nice match for the Spitfire's 1500 lb curb weight. 

 See a cooler Spitfire swap?


  1. This would look good next to my MGB roadster with the same engine. Too bad the ad is already gone.

  2. That's a lot of spaghetti under the bonnet.

  3. What the hell is that engine picture, a trolling net that washed up during hurricane Sandy?

  4. Upsides - the rear fugly bumper has been replaced with an earlier, skinnier MkIV bumper. Downside, still gots fangs. Anything post-76 is not going to draw a tear from this spit owner if it gets a new heart.

  5. Ay
    Ive got a 1969 with a 12a aswell

    Looking at this engine bay scares me, looks a lot more messy than mine. Not to say mine is good though.


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