Tuesday, September 23, 2014

5k: Needs More Cubes: 1967 Dodge Polara 318-V8

The 3rd generation of the Dodge Polara was introduced in 1965 and moved the Polara name up in size to the Chrysler C-platform.  The new Polara was bigger in almost every dimension but still used a unibody construction.  Today's example look great with the square-edged styling and a pseudo-fastback shape.  Find this 1967 Dodge Polara offered for $6,000 in Capitola, CA via craigslist.   Tip from FuelTruck.

The C platform was the basis for many Chrysler Corp. full sized sedans, including the New Yorker, 300, Plymouth Fury and Dodge Polara.  The styling from Elwood Engel instantly identifies it as a Mopar product and still looks great today.  The centerline style wheels with meaty white-letter tires give the car a sporty quality, but I'd be tempted to switch to some redline black NASCAR steelies.

The term "big as a house" is really apropos for a car parked on a lawn.  Power in this house-boat comes from a 318 cubic inch (5.2 liter) V8 rated at 230 horsepower and 340 ft-lbs of torque.  The 318 is a bit of a dog from the factory, particularly when put in a full sized vehicle, but you can coax some more power out of the old beast if you didn't want to upsize to a 440.  

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  1. Never a fan of that era of Mopar styling, but (almost) anything from that era deserves some attention.

  2. This car is, to me, a real beauty, with a road presence rarely seen in the day to day world of camrys and accords. Shame about the drivetrain though; this big boy deserves something substantial under the hood to back up the looks.


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