Tuesday, September 30, 2014

5k: Bulk Savings: 1976-1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT Collection

 The Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT/GTV is often simply called the GTV6 because later versions were powered by a front mounted V6, but the early GT/GTV examples used inline-4 power borrowed from the original tipo 105/115 GTV.  Owners of these cars will heap praises on the communicative chassis while admitting that build quality wasn't exactly perfect.  They aren't quite as gorgeous as the earlier cars, but they offer a fantastic fun-to-lira ratio and are often found in clusters, like Honey Bunches of Oats or women heading to the powder room.  Find this 1976-1979 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT Collection of 4 cars offered for something in the $5000 range (is that one or more cars?) via craigslist, located in Seattle, WA.  Tip from Rottenland.

The seller describes the cars in multiple repeated blurbs that reads like a stutterer trying to talk at his high school graduation.   My favorite part is when he describes the collection as 3.9 Alfetta GTs, but the most accurate description comes here: 1976 - 1979 models of same vehicle, 1979 Silver Alfetta GT coupe, 1977 Blue Alfetta GT coupe, 1978 Brown Sprint Veloce coupe, 1979 Sprint Veloce coupe, parts car.

Tipper Rottenland sums up the ad right when he writes:  I love this ad.  I can’t tell how many cars are for sale, and if they are $5k for the entire “collection”, or each, or for the three pictured?     I also love that they didn’t even have enough time to get a second picture taken without someone having to work on the collection.  

See another "collection" being maintained? tips@dailytursimo.com


  1. Ha, what a great ad.
    This makes me want to quit my job, buy these cars and spend a year in the garage restoring all three. I would need to install an expresso maker in my work space as well.

  2. I guess my $1,000 Alfetta standard needs to be revised upward a bit due to QE...

  3. All he's missing is the rare '75, then he'll have collected all 5 and can claim the crazy-cat-lady-of-Alfettas title.


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