Thursday, September 11, 2014

5k: ACRSRT-4: 1992 Dodge Neon ACR, SRT-4 swap

Dodge didn't have a legitimate reason for making the SRT-4 as a sedan instead of a coupe, except everyone else was doing sedans. No homologation purposes, no rich heritage to uphold, and only a marginal increase in practicality. Although really, who buys a torque-steering turbo rocket for practicality? So why not put the SRT-4 muscle into the sumptuous, breathtaking lines of the Neon coupe? (sarcasm alert) Find this 1999 Dodge Neon ACR with SRT-4 swap in Mount Storm, WV for $5,300 via craigslist. 

Dodge also had an ACR iteration of the SRT-4. Its minor suspension and visual upgrades make it indistinguishable from the army of modified SRT4s in the wild, and it lacked the grassroots racing significance of the first generation ACR. Marrying the potent power plant to the lighter, tuned chassis is a no brainer.

ACR models are visually separated from lesser R/T Neons by fog light holds devoid of fog lights and side molding spaces devoid of side molding. They also had stiffer suspension, quicker steering, and reconfigured 5th gear and final drive ratios for quicker acceleration. Weighing about 2,350 pounds with at least 215 horsepower, this force-fed little street brat would be a hoot for the daily commute.

This one looks free of rust and the usual attention-seeking graphics and bodywork. ACRs don't demand much of a premium over regular Neons yet, which is to say they're stupid cheap. This seems like a fair price for a well-executed swap that keeps it all in the family.

See a similar in-the-family swap? Email us at

PhiLOL actually likes the tuna here, but abhors structural rust. Save the manuals.


  1. Total sleeper (in more ways than one)
    I would hate to get smoked by this

  2. For that low cost this is a lot of fun and in great shape!

  3. "who buys a torque-steering turbo rocket for practicality?" (raises hand while looking at his 2014 Focus ST)

  4. That's my car lol


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