Thursday, September 4, 2014

3k: 4AGE 20V Powered: 1969 MG Midget

If you saw the reader ride MGB GT-Sport Twin-Cam that was later offered for sale and thought it was something you'd was outside your budget...fear not, cheaper stuff always appears.  This next MG is in no way as nice as the MGB GT-Sport, but it does feature Toyota 4AGE twin-cam power at a significantly lower price.  It just needs a boat load of work to get it up to speed.  Find this 1969 MG Midget with Toyota 4AGE power offered for $3,500 in Arlington, VA via craigslist.

Aside from the MG logo, there isn't really much in common between the MGB and the Midget.  The Midget was actually a badge engineered version of the Austin-Healey Sprite, sharing everything from frame, sheet metal to engine/trans.  The little MG is often called the Spridget.

 The original BMC A-series engine has been tossed aside for a Toyota 4AGE twin-cam inline4.  The 4AGE displaces 1.6 liters and would have been good for around 112 horsepower in US spec, but this engine is a 20-valve "blacktop" JDM engine that is rated at 165hp.  Combine this thing with the 1600 lb curb weight of a stock MG Midget and you've got something with the same power:weight ratio as a new STi/EVO.  Should be a blast to drive.

The solid ash dashboard looks in great shape and features an SPA tachometer.  You sit on Cobra Classic period look vinyl seats, and steer with a Momo Monte Carlo wheel, but the carpet is gone and you've got a nice a spray-on bedliner interior.  It is bedlam in here, BEDLAM!!

 The truth is that this MG Midget is going to require years of your weekends (and at least $10k) to turn it into something as well finished as the MG GT-Sport...but...the bones are there, you just need to put in some effort.  See another Yota powered MG?


  1. Love this build, what a cool car ! As you said, it's not the equivalent of KC's wonderfully built MGB GT-S, but it might be a very fun driver as you detail it to your tastes, in the years to come. I truly wish I could grab this one, but it's at least a year too early for that, alas. Good find DT....


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