Wednesday, September 10, 2014

2k: Murican Power: 1976 Mercedes-Benz 280C with V8

The Mercedes-Benz W114/115 chassis is the rugged 60s/70s era E-class predecessor that is frequently a great deal for a cool classic.  The W114 was designed by Paul Bracq, a noted French born mustache enthusiast who created the graceful shape of icons like the BMW 7-series, M-B W113 SL, multiple Popemobiles and the French TGV high speed train. Not to mention the aristocratic M-B W111, aka 600 or Großer Mercedes.  Today, the W114/W115 cars are inexpensive and often an engine replacement will cost more than the value of the block Chevy V8s spread into W114/115 engine bays like E. Coli in room full of lukewarm Canadian beef.  Find this 1976 Mercedes-Benz 280C with V8 offered for $2,500 in Milwaukee, WI via craigslist.

A first glance the photos look to have been taken with some sort of instagram filter, but the portrait photo layout indicates that they might have just been taken with a really old camera phone or a bad camera.

Under the hood is what certainly appears to be a Small Block Chevy 350 c.i. V8, but the seller calls it a Rocket V8, which would be an I'm not sure what is under the hood.  Let's just call it a pushrod 5.7 liter V8 that pushes something on the order of 250-350 horsepower into a slushbox automatic transmission. 

See another classic Benz with 'Murican power?


  1. You wanted a lukewarm Canadian beef?
    It's not "murican", it's "merkin" ... Google it.

  2. Rad car for $2,500. My heads cost that much.
    Classy body style.

  3. The inline 6 is inherently balanced, unlike the v8. Except for the horsepower increase, this would seem to be a downgrade.


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