Tuesday, September 23, 2014

2k: Cheap Cat: 2000 Jaguar XJR

The last time we featured an XJR (a 1995 5-spd swapped example), I goofed and implied the car came with the supercharged V8 instead of the inline-6 of the earlier cars.  This next feature is a V8 XJR and it might not have a 5-speed swap, but it is offered for pennies on the original dollar.  Find this  2000 Jaguar XJR offered for $2,500 in Los Angeles, CA via craigslist.

This Jaguar might only have one picture in the listing, but the picture says a lot.  It is parked on a driveway between a filthy Previa (mid-engine minivan available with 5-speed manual and supercharger) and a canary yellow Celica(?).  Is this important?  Maybe...it might mean that the seller is a car guy, but it might also be his neighbor's cars.  Regardless the sellers description of V8 Engine Runs Strong // Car Runs overall excellent seems out of place with the low asking price.  Check this one out carefully, it could be a time bomb or it could be a great deal for a car that cost at least $70k out-the-door 14 years ago.

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  1. You are correct, pic says it all. Run away.


  2. I would name it the Green Grenade. When will it blow?

  3. If you search CL for the guy's phone number, it comes up with 6 other listings for the same car, 5 of which have the same photo... but this one shows a different side of the car.

    CL searching for the guy's phone number w/o the "two" (just "2") reveals that he's a dealer/flipper/hoarder (?) and also a few more pics of the same car, this time in the auto parts section of CL. Looks like a repaint.

    This one screams run so loud my ears are bleeding.

  4. If I buy this and took readers guesses as to the root cause and/or timeframe of the implied catastrophic failure and sold raffle tickets for $5 or $10 would you buy one? I think this could be a good new category for DT. The winning guess would get the value of the scrapped or parted car.

    1. You could play Jaguar bingo (sort of like cow pie bingo, but with cars) and have it drive around in a big grid with numbers, every time a part falls off, that number gets called.

  5. So kind of a claimer class VBIED.

    Once it blows up you get what's left.

  6. I wonder if that Previa is also supercharged. Hmm.


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