Monday, September 8, 2014

2k: Back On The Block: 1975 BMW 2002

Update 9/7/2014: If you remember the cheap BMW 2002 picked up by DT reader OaklandJeff back in June, then you might be interested to see that it is back up for sale, this time on eBay.  Apparently the car had a headgasket failure that the previous seller failed to disclose, so OaklandJeff is sending it on to someone else who can properly care for it in a no reserve eBay auction with full disclosure.  Find it here on eBay, currently bidding for $500 with a few days to go, in Oakland, CA.

From 6/21/2014: The BMW 2002 is a fantastic example of a daily drivable classic (the Schmetterling exemplifies this principle) and if you act quickly, it can be a really cheap classic.  Find this 1975 BMW 2002 offered for $2,500 in East Bay SF Area, CA via craigslist.  Tip from Kaibeezy.


This ad won't be live for long (it posted 7 hours ago), so below is a copy of the text.

1975 BMW 2002 in Good running condition. Currently a daily driver.
*The vehicle has a NEW water pump, thermostat & 320i Radiator for superior engine cooling.
If you look online you'll see the 320i radiator is a common upgrade.
*Recent rear brakes, full tune-up = cap/rotor/points/condenser/wires/plugs/fuel-air filter & oil change.

Pretty much everything is original. All the glass, seats, engine/trans, starter, etc. Is all original and in good working order.
I have the original leaky radiator (solid copper & brazed Brass) even the core on these original radiators are worth $150.

The vehicle drives very good & has No major mechanical issues. However cosmetically she has numerous flaws. The interior is intact except for the center console. And the original seats/carpet is dirty.
The body has scrapes & one dent on the fender plus one of the marker lights is busted & another one is cracked.
The paint still shines (garage kept) but like I said, a dent, scrapes & poor interior.

All the lights work, all the gauges work except for speedometer, odometer works though. Heat works & she's actually solid enough to drive down to Los Angeles & back right now.

138k original miles. 4 speed manual transmission.
Pre-smog car with a solid rust free body. Owned by my 74 year old Grandmother in Berkeley since new. She just got a new Automatic 3 series Beemer. LOL!

Sorry no pics yet. But like I said this is a good running 75 2002. I see right now on CL non running shells for this price. Or average & salvage title ones selling for $4k & really nice ones selling for $10k WOW! I figure $2,500 for ours is a Steal!
Clean title, current registration, no smog needed, Ever!
With all that being said the price is Firm & Cheap email if your ready to buy.
Here is a Very similar pic & a potential of what the car could be pic 

See a cheaper classic driver?


  1. If it sounds too good to be true (super low price), then it is too good to be true.

  2. Only contact info is an email address, makes me think scam.

  3. Ad is already flagged. Also, the car in the picture above (which was included in the CL ad) was not the actual car for sale...caveat emptor, but maybe somebody just scored the deal of a lifetime.

  4. It is too good to be true...but it's true! Thanks DT, I didn't even know I wanted one till I saw this post. Picked it up this morning and it's awesome!

    (first time leaving a comment and I'm a knuckle head about these interweb things, so I'll just sign off as:)


    1. Beyond awesome! Send details and photos!

    2. Holy Crapola! Are you kidding?! You just scored the BMW find of the year (including CFlo's most recent acquisition) You've gotta send pictures and info to so that we can all take heart that there are genuinely good deals like this to be found. Congratulations!

    3. It really was grandma's car. Garage kept and I haven't found any rust yet. Grandma wasn't a great driver so the bumpers are kind of pushed in and there are some bumps and bruises, nothing big. Drives great. Doesn't have a ton of power but they say this year model is all corked up with smog stuff. It starts and runs great. Interior is tired but mostly there and all original. It's never had a radio so the dash and door panels haven't been cut.

      The one scary thing is that the title is "lost". The guy seems ligit and he had all the required paperwork so I've got all my fingers and toes crossed.

      Wish me luck!

    4. Jeff,
      Sounds like you got a fantastic deal - this is what we live for here at DT! Please send us a few pics and we'll post up the details.
      DT Editor-in-Chief

    5. Kaibeezy steals from Ronaldo, boots it downfield... Vince kicks it across... Jeff heads it to the net... GOOOOOOOOOAL!!!

  5. I hate to say it, but in 2002-speak, "blown head gasket" is code for "overheated to the point it warped the head."

  6. Fleetwood T. BroughamSeptember 8, 2014 at 10:57 AM

    At current bidding, you could pick it up, and a sweet metric mechanic motor, and still be on the good side of the value curve.

  7. So the original ad use a picture of a restored 2002?

    Sorry to hear it didn't work out. Hope someone brings this car back to glory.


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