Thursday, September 18, 2014

20k: Scottish Pride: 1980ish Talbot Sunbeam

The list of Scottish built cars is not particularly long, but during the 1980s Chrysler built cars at the former Rootes Group factory in Linwood, Renfrewshire, Scotland.  By cars, we mean the Chrysler Sunbeam (later badged the Talbot Sunbeam) which was an entirely forgettable hatchback, except for the Lotus-engined version which was a formidable rally machine.  Find this 1980ish Talbot Sunbeam GR2 rally car tribute offered for £12000 ($19,500 USD at time of printing) in Belgium via 

The Sunbeam was categorized as a supermini hatchback when released in 1977, but it maintained a classic rear-wheel-drive layout that is bound to delight in the inner hoon in anyone.  The Sunbeam is known as the car that gave legendary Scottish rally driver Colin McRae his big break.  He was driving Talbot Sunbeam in the 1986 Scottish Rally Championship that was probably similar in performance to this car.

See another Scottish car for our celebration of the Scottish independence vote?

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