Saturday, September 6, 2014

15k: Honda S2000 Power: 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS hatchback AE86

 The Toyota Corolla GT-S AE86 is the closest thing you'll find to an 80s JDM legend this side of something like a Skyline.  The AE86 was featured in something called Initial D, which according to wikipedia is a manga (Japanese comic book) but it also morphed into anime, cartoons and even arcade video console.  Regardless of Japanese pop culture fame, the AE86 is going to be a collectible someday (if it isn't already), even if the original drivetrain has been tossed aside for something from a Honda.  Find this 1986 Toyota Corolla GTS hatchback AE86 with Honda S2000 power offered for $15,000 CDN ($13,783 USD at time of printing) located in Saint-Lazare, QC, Canada via   Tip and translation from Jeff B.

I am just dangerous enough with the French language to read and understand it, but not really good enough to converse or translate, but tipper Jeff B included the following handy translation.

$ 15,000 negotiable body about 220 000km Engine : F20C honda s2000 2.l JDM Mugen headers , muffler HKS , JSP fab mounting kit , engine brackets megan racing . double aluminum radiator fan . 

drivetrain : ACT racing clutch 6 pad spring (master cylinder as new clutch ) , Kaaz 2 way LSD, one piece custom driveshaft . 

Footwork / Chassis: Megan Racing Street coilover adjustable 32 point megan racing inner tie rod , Front strut bar , Tanabe front rear / sway bar , RCA , T3 tension rods, outer tierod T3 , T3 Lower control arms , T3 panhar bar, pull bracket T3 , T3 steering knuckles , fender brace switchback . 

Cremailliere manual steering of new ae86 . Brakes: T3 Front Willwood big brake kit , rear slotted rotors drilled ceramic pad , caliper . 300zx master cylinder . Ebrake cable new. in stainless brake line . Wheels / Tires. XXR 002 15x8 0 offset. Goodride SV308 195-50-15 

Iintérieur : Racepack , omp steering ( new ) sparco sprint bucket seat FIA ( new ) Description: car has very little roll and never drifter made ​​mechanical performance at APS ( invoice restraint ), wooden frame rail shock tower A1 redo a winter 2013 in Lauzon body , complete interior in very good condition, electric mirror wipes popup headligt -Crystal front / rear work very well, a lot of time and money invested , 

All parts are new. Always clad therefore , no need for inspection. Cons: radio cassette, sunroof motor running, but it does not open . Reason for selling : buying a home . Serious buyers only dreamer refrain pay cash or check certified. No exchange . Contact by phone only at see link above.

The S2000 engine is good for 240 horsepower stock and should transform the lightweight AE86 into a capable track or street car.

See a cooler way to drive around in a sleeper?


  1. This is a beautiful car with a great selection of gear to make it haul some major butt and feel like a fantastic drivers car! Would love to test drive it and it has to be such good fun even at low speeds with that classic chassis. I would have a hard time spending that kind of cash when I know I could buy/build a much faster LS1T56 swapped FC rx7 for the same or less.

  2. Very nice build! Not cheap, but probably great fun.

    As usual the automated translation delivers a few clangers. I especially raised my eyebrows at: "wooden frame rail shock tower". In fact, the original text is telling us that the floors, frame rails and shock towers were rebuilt by a body shop.

    Anyway, my real question is where the heck are all these Honda S2000 drive trains coming from? I hardly ever see an S2000, and the ones I do see are nicely kept, and not likely to become organ donors any time soon. Does anyone have any insight into the question?

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. After all, if you wanted a nice-looking, lightweight body to wrap around a f20c, what's so wrong with the Honda body? Plus its a convertable!

    2. There are plenty of S2000 drivetrains out there for the buying. Easy to spin out an S2000 and damage the frame enough to total out by insurance.


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