Friday, August 22, 2014

Coffee Brake: Topps Autos of 77

Welcome to another edition of Daily Turismo's Coffee Brake, where we take a break from the mundane and celebrate the insane.  Today I'd like to talk a bit about collector cards, but not the Baseball cards you put in your bicycle spokes or the Magic the Gathering cards you hid from your cool friends, but the short lived Topps Autos of 77, a collection of malaise era auto cards.

In 1976 Topps released a series of collector cards that were 2½ inches tall × 3½ inches wide and featured one of 119 different automobiles (or stickers) on each card (with detailed descriptions on the flip side).  They were sold in sealed packs that included a stick of gum and a few cards on the inside featuring classics such as the Peugeot 504 Wagon, Cadillac Brougham, Ford LTD Landau or Dodge Royal Monaco Brougham.  It was as if the cars were selected by a 65 year old retiree in 1976.

The entire set includes 98 cars and one checklist card -- actually the cars on the list are pretty cool and include classics like the Mk I VW Rabbit and the Saab 99 EMS.

On any given weekday, a large number are for sale on ebay for around $3-$7 per card depending on condition and car -- click here for some examples.  Like the cars they are based on, I wouldn't expect them to appreciate anytime in the near future, but for a few bucks they would make a decent Christmas gag gift for your car buddies.

The entire list (as republished from Jeff Allender's house of checklists) is as follows:

1 AMC Pacer X
2 AMC Matador 4-Door Sedan
3 AMC Matador Coupe
4 AMC Hornet D/L 2-Door Sedan
5 AMC Gremlin X
6 Buick Skylark
7 Buick Skyhawk
8 Buick Electra
9 Buick Riviera
10 Cadillac Eldorado
11 Cadillac Seville
12 Cadillac Coupe deVille
13 Cadillac Brougham
14 Nova Coupe
15 Monte Carlo Landau
16 Chevrolet Malibu Classic Landau
17 Camaro LT Coupe
18 Chevrolet Chevette Hatchback Coupe
19 Chevrolet Corvette Cpe
20 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 4-Dr. Sedan
21 Chevrolet Monza Town Coupe
22 Monza 2+2 Hatchback
23 Chevrolet Impala Coupe
24 Chevrolet Vega Station Wagon
25 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Wagon
26 Chrysler Cordoba
27 Chrysler Newport
28 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham
29 Dodge Royal Monaco Brougham
30 Ford LTD Landau
31 Dodge Aspen R/T
32 Dodge Charger SE
33 Dodge D100 Club Cab Adventurer
34 Ford LTD II 35 Ford Econoline Cruising Van
 36 Ford Ranchero GT
37 Ford Thunderbird
38 Ford Mustang II Cobra II
39 Ford Granada
40 Ford Maverick
41 Ford Pinto 3-Door Runabout
42 Ford Mustang II Ghia
43 Lincoln Continental Mark V
44 Lincoln Continental
45 Mercury Marquis
46 Mercury Cougar XR-7
47 Mercury Monarcg Ghia
48 Mercury Comet
49 Mercury Bobcat
50 Mercury Capri II
51 Oldsmobile Starfire GT
52 Omega Brougham Sedan
53 Oldsmobile Toronado
54 Oldsmobile Cutlass Colonade Hardtop
55 Delta 88 Royale
56 Oldsmobile 98 Regency Sedan
 57 Volare Premier Wagon
 58 Volare Road Runner
59 Plymouth Fury Sport
60 Plymouth Fury Salon
61 Gran Fury Brougham
62 Pontiac Sunbird
63 Pontiac Grand Prix
64 Pontiac Bonneville
65 Alfa Romeo Alfetta
 66 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce
67 Alfa Romeo Alfetta GT
68 Jaguar XJ-S
69 Mazda Mizer
70 Mazda Cosmo Sports Coupe
71 Mazda RX-4 Four Door Sedan
72 Mercedes-Benz 450 SE
73 Mercedes-Benz 450 SL
74 Mercedes-Benz 280S
76 Peugeot 504 SL Sedan
77 Peugeot 500 Station Wagon
 78 Porsche Turbo Carrera
79 Porsche 911S
80 Porsche Audi Fox
81 Porsche Audi 100
82 Renault 5
83 Saab 99 EMS
84 Triumph TR7
85 Triumph Spitfire
86 Corolla Sport Coupe
87 Toyota Celica ST
88 Toyota Celica GT
89 Corona Four-Door Sedan
90 Volvo 264 GL
91 Volvo 265 5-Door
92 Volvo 244 DL
93 VW Campmobile
94 VW Beetle Convertible
95 VW Rabbit
96 VW Scirocco
97 VW Dasher
98 VW Beetle Convertible
99 Checklist
Foil Stickers
-- Alfa Romeo
-- Buick
-- Cadillac
-- Chevrolet
-- Chevrolet Corvette
-- Cuda
-- Demon
-- Dodge
-- Gremlin
-- HM
-- Jaguar Coventry
-- Mercedes-Benz
-- MG
-- Oldsmobile
-- Peugeot
-- Plymouth
-- Saab
-- Triumph
-- Volkswagen
 -- Volvo

See a better way to celebrate like it is 1977?


  1. Learn something new - didn't realize there had been such an awesomely named vehicle as the Mazda Mizer.

    The Topps Malaise Auto Funpak(tm)!

  2. Wow, these are really cool. I don't remember ever seeing them back in the day. Back in '77 we used to walk to the mini-mart and buy Star Wars cards and Wacky Packs. I sound like an old guy now...

  3. i just snagged the last saab 99 ems card - not even the king of sweden can get one now! - well, unless there's more

  4. Hm, they did a good job to hide the fugly bumpers on the Spitfire card -

  5. Apparently Volkswagen was spelled "Volkswagon" in 1977?

  6. Did any kids knowingly purchase these? I would have been really bummed as a kid to get these. What kid wants a station wagon trading card? A Mopar Brougham?

    A 4-door Matador?!

    Didn't the Topps people know any kids?

  7. Ain't nothing wrong with a 65 Alfetta, but what the heck did a 62 Sunbird look like? Rare! Ohhh, hang on...

  8. Great stuff! Hemmings did an article on these a couple years ago...I wish I had a set. FYI, there are also two books that contain all of the Wacky Packages images...great stuff back in the day!


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