Saturday, August 9, 2014

5k: Surfs Up Dude: 1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi Van

Prices for Volkswagen type 2 (Bus, Vanagon, Van, Kombi, whatever you call it) have seen a particularly rapid price increase in recent years.  What was once the cheap refuge for barefoot hippies is now an appreciating asset that can be traded for significant Woodstock memorabilia, college tuition or North Shore vacation, but today's feature isn't as high as the typical overpriced Type 2 garage queen.  Find this 1972 Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi Van offered for $5400 in Palm Beach, FL via craigslist.  Tip from Fueltruck.

The Type 2 ranks just below an airport shuttle in terms of being fun to drive, but is somehow cool.  It is sort of like the old recliner that is uncomfortable and covered in dog hair, but your grandpa will never sell it.  Honestly I'm not that familiar with the Kombi because my thoughts drift to assisted suicide whenever I think about driving one of them on a regular basis, but perhaps some reader can enlighten us as to why this one has sleepy eyes and louvered windows in the side.

See a cheaper way to drive around in aircooled VW power with a large family?


  1. My brother had a couple of those back in the day. It was a good thing when they went to the Type 4 engine, but the EFI that came along a couple years later was sensitive to electrical system and sensor glitches and the tools and techniques of the day weren't all that adequate for troubleshooting. By modern-day standards the best that could be said is that it's good source material for a Megasquirt install.

  2. Well.somebody cut a hole in the roof.WTH? Back in the day these "long lights" were not desireable. Now with "Further"s crossing the 50 K about insane.these late models look relatively affordable. But if you wont throw some wiper blades on it when you sell it...........what else is wong?


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