Sunday, August 17, 2014

5k: Seller Submission: 1982 Volvo 242 DL

If you've noticed the regular posting of the 200 series Volvos on this site, it isn't because we have some kind of contagious is because the tank-like 200 series are equipped with rack-and-pinion steering, rear wheel drive and 4-wheel disc brakes at a front drive econobox price point.  You can certainly call them boxy and slow, but what they lack in dynamics is more than made up for in character.  Find this 1982 Volvo 242 DL offered on eBay for $2,995 or best offer, located in Rockledge, FL with 2 days to go.  Seller submission from JPB.

This 242 looks incredibly well preserved for its age and intended usage as a daily commuter, considering the base-model DL spec with 14" steel wheels, naturally aspirated B21 2.1L four, and M46 4-spd plus overdrive manual trans. Low spec survivors like this car always seem to be automatics; the fact that this one isn't burdened with a slushbox is a major plus in the drivability department.  This car is a more mustard color compared to our now gone Volvo 242 project car, but it is very similar in specification and condition [ed CFlo: except our '83 had a pulsed-EFI equipped B23 engine and smaller bumpers, but yeah].

The B21F engine under the hood should be good for 105 horsepower, not something you'll brag to your friends about, but you'll almost always reach your destination and get decent fuel economy.

The interior looks nice and stock with the noted addition of New York taxi cab spec woven floor mats.  The Dash has a few cracks and the seats aren't perfect, but what more do you expect for a sub $3k car?

See a better way to join the Volvo club?

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