Monday, August 25, 2014

50c: NASA Shuttle Support: 1985 Dodge Van Dually

The Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down for the final time in July of 2011 and the program has been officially mothballed because apparently 17 billion dollars a year is not enough money for NASA to...I to the moon and back weekly.  As the space shuttle sits idle and NASA pays folks money to lay in bed for 70 days straight, the various bits of shuttle support junk is being wholesaled to bidders via gov't auction sites.  Find this 1985 Dodge Van Dually offered for a starting bid of $199 via  Tip from Kaibeezy.

This Dodge van looks like it is ready for take-off and is listed as a "Port Van/Lakebed Tester" in "SCRAP Condition." However, with that wheelbase and raised roof, I can imagine an incredible camper...

As a gov't surplus vehicle you might get lucky and find some cool stuff on the inside, maybe an old Geiger counter or a lump of plutonium, who knows, it could be your lucky day for awesome NASA detritus!! 

See a cooler van to live, work, or take over the world in?


  1. Dammit, how many Kaibezzys (ies?) do we have out there? The GOVT doesn't know their selling this yet and he's got it posted already? Sounds like a HOMELAND guy with a little too much resource at-hand.
    PS- I want this thing just to piss people off. Park it in a single space and tell they're having acid flashbacks when they complain.

    1. just me... and my minions bwa ha ha haaaa - BTW, i see your NOX and hydrocarbons are a bit high, check your O2 sensor - nice tie ;)

  2. How about:
    1) take quantity from Cheaper By The Dozen,
    2) merge with concept of Back To The Future,
    3) apply Wayne's World transformation
    4) =shoestring Hollywood hit

  3. The market for this thing is Burning Man. The time to list it was 2 months ago. Way to go, government.

    I would put the white Facebook logotype on the blue stripe, tint the windows dark, add some weird-looking cameras and sonar gear to the roof, then creep through the Mission at idle speed and let people wonder.

  4. Technically it's a tandem, not a dually.

  5. Paging Danny from Count's Kustoms...


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