Thursday, August 21, 2014

3k: Seller Submission: 1985 BMW 635CSi

The E24 generation BMW 6-series is just new enough to be comfortable as a daily driver, but not old enough to be considered a collectors item.  It falls perfectly into the low priced Cool Car List that is scrupulously maintained at the Daily Turismo headquarters. Think of it like Top Gear's Cool Wall, except everything can be purchased on a part time tennis pro's salary and fixed with bailing wire, zip ties and carb cleaner.  Naturally, the E24 6er falls squarely into the middle of the list.  Find this 1985 BMW 635CSi offered for $3,500 in Phoenix, AZ via craigslist.  Seller submission from Rob.

The E24 body was one of the last BMWs to employ the classic 'shark' styling, with a swept forward front grille and handsome proportions, all the while managing to not look ridiculous with the US DOT mandated 5 mph bumpers. The use of the Hofmeister kink is especially pleasing to the eye in the coupe BMWs; something about the unbroken window beltline creates drama...and that is a good thing. A grand tourer should create drama - its not meant to be an out and out apex stomper like a sports car but it shouldn't look like a dishwasher either.

This particular E24 is equipped with an automatic transmission, which fits well for the intent of a grand tourer, but the seller includes a 5-speed getrag tranny in the deal if you would like to imagine you can do a 5-speed
swap, but probably just store it until you decide to sell the car.  The interior on this car looks nice in the single photo provided but a few more closeups of various parts would be appreciated.  The M30 inline-6 under the hood was rated at 218  182 horsepower and 224 ft-lbs of torque.

See a cooler grand touring coupe for less?


  1. That engine, in catless, high compression european form, will give you 218 horsepower, but in a smog state like AZ, you can count on US spec emissions equipment, meaning you're actually looking at 182. If the seats are as nice as they look and the dash isn't cracked, I'd call it a bargain.

    I miss mine.

  2. Fleetwood T. BroughamAugust 21, 2014 at 8:17 AM

    Yeah, the seats are nice, but based on the stitching, they look more like e21 recaros than the factory e24 sport seats. I'd like to see more interior too.....I know that the sun wreaks havoc on the interior trim pieces in these cars (i.e. the warping of the rear headrest surrounds on every example that's ever spent more than 2 hours in direct sunlight without window tint).

    Unless this is a basket case though, it's a fair price for sure.

  3. Hey, my car made DT! Seller here.
    Yes, those are E21 Recaros. Actually they have Porsche part numbers on the knobs. That's weird. No power seat issues here. 100% manual adjustment.
    Dash is cracked, rear shelf parts are warped. This is Arizona. Dash cover and dark tint make the best of a common issue.
    Yes, it is the 182 hp US engine. Thanks for the false HP upgrade DT!
    No, not a basket case at all. Runs cool in Phoenix commute traffic, 200 miles of use every week.

    Since we're among friends here... I didn't finish the sentence where I stated the reason for sale. Read "Because I need the money to buy an E34 540i/6!" But. The unwashed masses of CL don't need to know that...

    Oh, and for the discerning DT reader, I would be happy with $2800. Price is padded against low ballet shenanigans!

    1. Low ballet shenanigans -- I am going to use that one!! Sorry for the non-catalyst engine spec, I was up way too late last night!!
      Vince DT EIC

  4. I meant "low baller shenanigans" Ballet shenanigans would be fun to watch, I'll be sure to post any that occur on YouTube...


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