Sunday, August 17, 2014

2k: Class C Winner: 1974 Porsche 914

So, you want to go 24 Hrs of LeMons racing, but you don't have the time/skills/5-Hour-Energy/personality disorder necessary to build you own heap?  Why not pick up a used & abused example, save yourself the headache, and go racing.  Find this 1974 Porsche 914 offered for $2,250 via classifieds.  The seller doesn't specify which year this 914 was originally from, but the 2.0 liter engine might suggest something between 1973-1976.

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This Porsche 914 won its Class C division in the June 2014 Return of the LeMonites race in Utah. It placed 13th overall and finished with a staggering 95 lap lead (that is 3 hours of racing) over the next best Class C vehicle. Needless to say this 914 will not be racing in Class C the next time it heads to the track, because the LeMons judges will bump it up to B or A class. But for any car to get a top 15 finish in a LeMons race, it means the car is fast and sorted.

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The images you see here are borrowed from Mr. Murilee Martin of -- the single photo provided from racing junk classifieds was...well...junk.  See a better way to try for a trophy in a crap can race?


  1. I've had my eye on this car for a few weeks now. In some pics, the the oil cooler is bolted to the roof, which is my preferred configuration.

  2. So...if the buyer pays more than $500, does the car still qualify?

    1. I think you can claim costs for safety equipment (cage, seat, belts, etc) above and beyond the cost of the car.

    2. Anon -- all of the major crap can racing series (24 Hrs of LeMons, Chumpcar, American Endurance Racing) all have a basic rule that states the basic car should cost no more than $500, but safety (cage, racing gear, cool suits), consumables (brakes, tires, wheels(this varies by series), fuel, oil, coolant) and theme (a 1/14th scale statue of liberty on the hood) are considered outside of budget and spending is usually unlimited.
      The basic fact remains that it doesn't really matter how much you spent on your car, as long as you don't show up with a C5R straight from testing at Road Atlanta, there is plenty of wiggle room. Typically a top competitive car sells for $2500 - $3500 on the open market, but that is complete with up-to-date safety equipment, spares, etc.


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