Sunday, August 24, 2014

1k: Bluegrass Rules: 1991 Toyota Corolla All-Trac ST205 Swap

The E90 generation (1987-1992) Toyota Corolla All-Trac Wagon is a cool piece of equipment, but with stock power, its acceleration could be best described as soothing.  Today's next feature is an All-Trac wagon that has had a full drivetrain swap from a Celica GT-Four and is now properly mad.  Find this 1991 Toyota Corolla All-Trac ST205 Swap currently bidding for $1,136 with a few hours to go, located in Hendersonville, NC via ebay.

One one hand, the seller says some stuff in his listing that could have folks with thin skin get their panties all bunched up, but on the other hand, a deal is a deal -- amiright?  Sticks and stones - etc....but if you are gonna sell your car it is best to limit the folks who might be insulted by your local vernacular.  

Under the hideous customized hood (duct tape rulez!) is a Toyota 3S-GTE engine from a ST205 Celica GT-Four, which would have been good for 240 horsepower from the factory. This particular car has a few mods and is good for around 13.4 seconds @ 103 mph in the 1/4 mile. Check out the seller's youtube drag vid here.

See a faster sleeper for less?


  1. WTH, I'm just going to paste the whole dang description in here. If no-doz were a car...

    Up for auction is the only ST205 3S-GTE swapped AE95 Corolla Wagon in the united states. This is Toyota from when they were Toyota, now they just build crap with other companies help only designed to seperate cash from idiots pockets. FJ-Cruiser horrible throw back to the real FJ40 series, FR-S/BR-Z throw back to the AE86 GT-S not terrible, but not Toyota. Next going to be a BMW Z4 with an inline-4 engine and hybrid I build real Toyotas from the days when jap cars were worth a damn.
    Celica all-tracs weigh anywhere from 3200lbs to 3400lbs, this car weighs 2500lbs. It has a mild build ST205 3S-GTE with all of the best top notch components. It is hilarious to look at and a total sleeper. It has brand new everything and you'd never be able to tell by quick view. The superficial outer panel rust was left for the sleeper effect and weight savings! It uses a trick shaker scoop dry ice intercooler setup to keep the overdone front mount out of the bumper, has 1 scoop to ram air in, 1 scoop to get heat out. It is a 12 second car all day long and perfectly reliable to drive around, it drives like a brand new 91 corolla just with a stiff clutch. No check engine light, no smoke, no leaks, no problems whatsoever. Here is a link to it demolishing a bad driver in a challenger srt-8. The car is a low 13 second 105mph trap car in low boost form. That was the first pass it ever made with a bad launch by yours truly (yes I broke the clutch in properly). Let's get down to it.

    Interior: The interior is bare bones, ripped the old carpet out, and it is running the super awesome cross plane seating configuration. Right rear passenger balances the front left drivers seat, and your passenger gets super couch seating with badass leg room. Has functioning seat belts for both seats. The drivers seat is a Celica ST202 GT seat, very comfy. It has a race steering wheel out of a AE92 GTS. There is an access plate cut for the fuel pump so you don't have to drop the tank to get to it. It has 4 prosport gauges all semi-hidden. Tach is down where the radio would be with adjustable shift light hooked to a LED strip on the gauge cluster to let you know when to shift. It has a fuel pressure gauge to monitor the..........fuel pressure. A boost gauge, and a volt gauge. All are the same color. It also has a switch for the intercooler fan. All the factory gauges work, all the door locks, windows, wipers (including rear), etc... work no problems. Car is actually very comfy to drive.

    Exterior: Exterior wise its a sleeper, I wrote stuff all over it to remember things when I was building it (btw i'm a Toyota Master Tech with a degree in T-Ten). I left all the redneck/hippy stickers that were on it when I found it. It just has a 100mph drag race club sticker on it now hah. It has some rust on the outer quarter, other than that it is rust free on the undercarriage. Zero structural issues. Chassis is tight and clean. Hood is shimmed to get some heat out of the engine bay from the big 3S-GTE shoved in there. No water leaks, what you see is what you get, a badass sleeper.

    Mechanical: Here is where it gets fun, lets do a bullet point list of everything it has shall we?!?

  2. 42k mile JDM ST205 3S-GTE from half cut old school Jarco style, 2nd revision with newer part number ECU and ignitor, super clean engine and bomb proof E154F trans hand picked by me.
    Comes with all spare electronics everything you need to test any issues
    Wiring done professionally by Dr. Tweak phoenix tuning
    ST215 side feed intake manifold powder coated wrinkle black
    Valve cover powder coated wrinkle black
    ST215 throttle body (bigger)
    3" intercooler piping (bigger)
    3" dry ice mounted intercooler (bigger & badassery)
    GSC Gen 3 S1 cams
    Flow balanced factory 540cc injectors
    Walbro 255 fuel pump
    -6 SS braided fuel line from the tank all the way to the filter
    Brass shifter cable bushings
    Aluminum shifter base bushings
    New Toyota shifter cup nylon bushings w/Mobil 1 full synthetic grease
    New Toyota speedo cable
    New Toyota fuel pump bracket
    New Toyota fuel filter
    Falken Azenis tires w/ only 2,000 miles
    NGK BKR6E plugs gapped tighter
    Cams adjusted perfectly to spec by the cam cards
    Denso blue fit spark plug wires
    New Toyota cap & rotor
    Ignition timing set perfectly to factory spec
    3" spectre intake
    3" Berk Downpipe
    3" exhaust all the way back to the warlock muffler (straight through or quiet, sleeper)
    Brand new KYB struts
    Lawn mower battery to save weight
    HKS Timing belt
    HKS purple/teal timing gears timing cover cut so you can see the purple belt/gears!
    Mobil 1 full synthetic 10w-40 oil only with Toyota oil filters only
    Mobil 1 full synthetic gear oil in both transmission and rear axle
    AE86 GTS solid rear axle
    Monroe helper shocks in the back to stop squat on launch
    Brand new control arms up front
    Brand new control arm bushings
    Brand new sway bar bushings
    AE92 GTS brakes up front (bigger)
    Legit old school Greddy Type-R racing BOV (huge and awesome)
    All vacuum hoses minimzed, zip tied, not ever leaking boost
    Brand new steering tie rods up front
    Brand new Celica All-Trac ST185 CV axles (stronger)
    Brand new wheel bearings up front
    AE92 GTS wheels
    Brand new Falken Azenis tires (sticky but last)
    CT20b turbo (bigger)
    Map sensored
    All engine mounts are brand new and hard filled
    Machined factory flywheel
    Spec 6 Puck unsprung clutch disc with Clutchmasters pressure plate (drives great)
    Gen 3 cams have way more lift than Gen 2 and a metal headgasket from the factory
    Much stronger bottom end than Gen4 engines

  3. I'm sure I am forgetting something that I will remember later on. Basically everything other than the body of the car is brand new and done right. Factory fuel cut is 19psi, right now it is set to about 13psi with a prosport manual boost controller. The turbo has zero play and blows no oil. Power steering is hooked up and works great, GTS brakes stop well, drums in the rear are rebuilt and work fine as well. The car boosts fast and hauls immortal ass because it weighs nothing and now has the best turbo 4 cylinder and stongest AWD trans Toyota (and pretty much every other company) has ever made. Mixed up with the exact same legendary 4 -link coil solid axle setup that the AE86 corolla GTS has (only the panhard bar is backwards). The car is such an easy build I have no idea why more people don't do it. You can drop this from 5,000rpm and just disappear, minimal wheel spin thanks to the AWD and azenis, it will out launch most cars that don't have legit drag slicks. It weighs hundreds less than all the gay STI's and EVO's you see running around with the same power. Toyota was making AWD turbo cars before Mitsubishi and Subaru ever built anything worth a damn.

    This car has hundreds of hours of my effort built into it. Get it for a fraction of what I spent and go destroy your stupid friends and enemies :) any questions feel free to call/txt 704-576-5004 or shoot me a note on here. It has a clean title, passes inspection no problem, drive to cali and back no issues. 28mpg on the interstate, uses all parts available in the US from other cars, totally reliable. Just an ugly body.....................on purpose.

  4. That is a hell of a lot of content in that thing. Not that I'd be buying it, it'd take some really good smog-tech blackmail pics to get something like that licensed in California.

  5. Fleetwood T. BroughamAugust 25, 2014 at 6:42 AM

    Never has so much been written about something so uninteresting. Hard to thump your chest about the quality of the build when you have hood scoops made out of HVAC ducting that are duct taped to the hood.

  6. Fuck everybody, that car is awesome, I love it, and would have loved to been able to bid on it.


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