Friday, August 29, 2014

10k: Who Is Driving? 1973 Kellison J-4

In the late '50s a entrepreneur by the name of Jim Kellison starting living the ultimate car builder's dream.  He started building his own car body design called the Kellison J-4 that was designed to use Corvette running gear to complete the build.  Today's example has been heavily modified by various owners and sports a Pontiac drivetrain, but looks like a totally awesome and unique ride for anything near the current bidding price.  Find this 1973 Kellison J-4 currently bidding for $8,100 with 5 days to go on eBay, located in Romeo, MI.

The Kellison J-4 was built and sold as a kit from 1958 to 1963 according to various internet sources (like this article from  The early Kellison J-4s used a box frame with solid axles front/rear, but later examples used an X-frame that permitted installation of an independent suspension from a Corvette. This one has a Jaguar XK120 front end with torsion bar suspension and an unknown rear end with GM axle and semi elliptical spring. 

This Kellison has also had some significant modifications from a roofline perspective.  Gone is the original super low slung roof and in its place is a front window from a C2 Corvette plus a custom T-top setup. It actually works quite well and makes the car look like something ready for an early 60s road race.  The title on this one lists it as a 1973, but the original body was probably from at least a decade earlier - kit cars sometimes take some time to get built and titled. 

Power in this one comes from a 389 cubic inch Pontiac V8 mated to a 4-speed manual gearbox.   Lacquer thinner can is an optional upgrade from the Home Depot catalog. A big Pontiac V8 in a fiberglass sportscar should make for some fun times!

The steering wheel swivels over to allow the passenger to drive when the driver needs to refill his scotch on the rocks or change his pants.  The 60s were an odd time.

See a cooler kit car that isn't a rip off of another car?


  1. That swiveling wheel would the ultimate confusion starter at a Labor day DUI checkpoint.

  2. I like it in a strange Kool way @ least it looks better then a lot of kits decent effort.

  3. The T-top addition is AWESOME! The only thing missing, and I'm not totally sure I'd do it, are sidepipes

  4. No room under that low-slung hood for an air filter on the Poncho?

  5. this car sure mudslides right into the middle of the design saturnalia that made the 60s so groovy - i see a flash of datsun z out front and topside, plumped up c1 corvette along the side, and ogle some alfa giulia ss at the backend, but that's just an impression - lot of writhing around in there

  6. Hey, guess what just showed up on BaT! Nice to beat them to the punch, guys.

    Custom Roofline: Pontiac 389/4-Speed Equipped Kellison J4


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