Tuesday, August 12, 2014

10k: Truth In Advertising: 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV

"You ARE buying a car that was crap when it was new, further degraded by the previous owner and then finally had the last nail driven into its coffin by me. I consider this car a piece of JUNK. Buy this car and you too can continue the mistake I made. Priced very low with no reserve."  These are the words from the seller of today's next feature and the epitome of truth in advertising taken a bridge too far.  Find this 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV currently bidding for $7,600 with 3 days to go on ebay, located in Wisconsin.  Tip from Gianni.

The car itself is pretty horrible, and will cost much more than the basic cost of a restored GTV.  The only way you could ever conceivably get your money back is under the bright lights and testosterone fumigated tents of a Barrett-Jackson auction.  The seller admits as much when he says: "When I saw the terrible shape of the floor and how cheaply every thing was put together , along with the cheap materials used at the factory I lost interest and shelved this project.... Anyone parting with their hard earned cash would need to strip this car completely  and start over and do it right."

This ad reads like it was written by one of the nuts in the 1990 Mitch Markowitz classic Crazy People.  It is worth your 5 minutes to read it.  The car...might not be worth your 5 years to restore it...

See a funnier ad that wasn't specifically written to generate publicity?  tips@dailyturismo.com


  1. This seller is clearly a liberal. Doesn't know a screwdriver from a spanner, is intimidated by the "testosterone fumigated tents of a Barrett-Jackson auction" and thinks he can inform we ignorant philistines about the "need to strip this car completely and start over and do it right".

    Perfect person to buy it from since he is in so far over his head - as result from it being inserted somewhere personal. Maybe if he spent less time in Wisconsin protesting for the Unions.

  2. politics, schmolitics - he's doing the old double reverse switcheroonie, see? - pretending to be crazy so you think you're getting one over on him - except anyone can see it's a performance - so where does it get him? i'm thinking it *was* specifically written to generate publicity - and it has! - if he'd been straight-up plain spoken about it, how many people would it have reached? - whatever, he shouldn't quit his day job


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