Thursday, July 17, 2014

L is for Lump: 1994 Jaguar XJS LS1 V8

L is for lunacy, tempered with love and a loping idle of GM's LS1 V8.  L is for universaL, because you can't surf craigslist without tripping all over cars powered by GM's LS-series Gen-III V8.  You will find LS1s snug in their natural Camaro, Firebird, Corvette, and GTO environments, but the number who have migrated to greener pastures is remarkable. Find this 1994 Jaguar XJS with LS1 V8 offered for $6,500 in the Dallas, TX via craigslist.

The whole family Gen III / Gen IV small block V8s are usually called the LS1, even in LQ9 from a truck or an LS6 from a GTO -- but it's cool because everybody understands that when you say LS1 you are using it in the general sense.  Like a kleenex, xerox, coke, band aid, or frisbee.

This LS1 is an actual LS1 taken from a 2001 Firebird and is mated to the stock 4L60e slushbox, also from the Pontiac.  The stock Jaguar shifter is used to control the 4L60e -- which is apparently an easy thing to do given the number of stock shifter equipped Jagvettes you see around.

See a better way to obscure your lic plate?

This post is part of Daily Turismo's 2nd Birthday Celebration -- DT's ABCs.
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1 comment:

  1. I read on Hooniverse that the LS is the answer to any swap question ever.

    Ever. Yes, I was researching ideas for a Volvo.


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