Monday, July 21, 2014

15k: Shelby Tribute: 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Buggy

 Legendary Texan Carroll Shelby worked closely with a number of manufacturers over the world, most famously with Ford, but equally as prolific with Chrysler in his later years, however, to the best of my knowledge he never worked with Volkswagen, which is a shame because he would have built the most awesome beach buggy style vehicle. It might not be real, but this 1969 Volkswagen Beetle Buggy Shelby Tribute offered for $18,500 in Fullerton, CA is about as close as you'll get.

Truth be told, most Volkswagen based kit cars aren't ever worth more than a few thousand dollars independent of condition or build cost, but this one hits all the right buttons for a fun beach car.  Loud paint, loud pipes and loud price.

See a better Shelby tribute for less?


  1. Went to a lot of trouble to get that side exhaust to work.

  2. Those headlights are a little low to be street legal.

    I knew a guy that kept a set of headlights and a mounting bracket in the trunk so if he got stopped he could demonstrate how they were disappearing headlights and the others were auxiliary lights

  3. Maybe the seller meant Shelby Cobra Kit Tribute? Bonded by polyester.

    I like it a lot, just don't see any relation between the two.

  4. Gotta get me some of them late-pipes too, although this exhaust routing does have me baffled
    (I gotta cut this stuff out), but 'dems da breaks.

  5. I think he had to keep the headlights below the fenders and add the side pipes or it would have wound up a blue version of Wonderbug. There are only so many plays on the dune buggy theme. The look works for this though, and it appears to be a good quality build.


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